The People Revolution

At a time when many workplaces and work practises have been radically changed by transformation, it can be easy to forget why: for the benefit of your people. At any moment of disruption, there can be difficulties. Employees may feel sidelined by change and employers can lose sight of why they're changing. As a result, the business can lose out.

Yet, this is not why change occurs. Often, it is to empower and engage employees so the business can become a high-performance organisation. When tweaks, or wholesale modification, is made to organisational design, communication practises, company culture, purpose, and even the profile of the people you want to hire, it is with better business function in mind.

To ensure that people are at the centre of any workplace revolution, it's time for HR to take the lead in empowering their people so they can drive better business performance.

At HR Grapevine Live 2020, we will hear from an array of innovative employer brands including Harrods, Ella’s Kitchen, Coty, Giff Gaff, Network Rail and more on what the people revolution is and how you are an essential part of it. Our panels of business leaders and senior HR professionals will share their thoughts and insights on key trends that are driving the future of work.

There are four key areas of discussion for March 2020.

Session one: Empowering the future workforce

Empowering people is essential for any organisation to thrive and drive change, it can result in many business benefits such as improved productivity and an overall better business performance. This means that HR must explore new and creative ways to give people purpose.

In this session, we will take a deep dive in to how organisations are structuring the workforce to drive better business performance in an age of burnout and why it’s important to focus on assessing projects and teams, instead of people.

Session two: Digitally transformed

One of the biggest driving forces in the People Revolution is the ever-changing digital landscape. However, the fast pace of digital change and its disruptive effect on the ‘traditional’ workplace have led to a misinterpretation of digital as a threatening and complex tool.

Our second session will challenge and tear down those assumptions with deep diving discussions on what a digital culture actually is, the power and pitfalls of mobile working, how digital can simplify business processes – when it is done right, and how new technology should be used to bring people together rather than drive them apart.

  • “I thought the day was really engaging and interesting...”
    Talent and OD Director at Kier
  • “Brilliant. The whole day was engaging; each speaker brought a wealth of ideas and experience...”
    Head of HR at Informa
  • “Excellent - great speakers, great presentations, great venue...”
    Head of HR at Insignia Group of Companies
  • “The whole day was engaging; each speaker brought a wealth of ideas and experience…”
    Learning Business Partner, First Central
  • “Excellent - some great speakers, great presentations, great venue…”
    Group Talent & Development Director, SIG plc

Session three: The diversity business

Diversity is more than just hiring the right people. It’s changing your culture and curating an inclusive working environment that allows employees to flourish. Creating a diverse workforce should be an integral part of your organisation’s agenda. Yet, how do you achieve true diverse hiring?

Our third session will share insights into the best ways to get Board and colleague buy-in for a diversity programme, why it’s important to hire diversely and how doing so can have a positive impact on business performance.

Session four: The new talent lifecycle

In today’s increasingly competitive market, talent management is facing a major shift to reinvent itself. An improvement of the entire talent lifecycle, from attracting candidates to retaining employees, is critical to sustaining a competitive advantage.

In our final session, we will identify the key trends and strategies concerning talent management programmes, looking at the power of honest employer branding, why Learning & Development and talent acquisition should work more closely together and how to get Generation Z working.

Are you interested in hearing from some of the most well known senior HR professionals, covering the key topics surrounding the HR function of the present and future?

Please get in touch and book your place for HR Grapevine Live, Thursday 12th March 2020.

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