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Reward at Kellogg

With a three-year-old to look after, most mornings begin bright and early for Sarah Murphy, the European HRBP, Reward at Kellogg, owner of brands such as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Special K and Pringles. Below she gives us an insight into what one of her days is like working for the food company, which can consist of anything from presenting to the HR lead team to taking part in a mindfulness session as part of the firm’s ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ initiative...


Morning - 5:45am

Most mornings I am abruptly woken by an energetic three-year-old sprinting into our bedroom full of the joys of life anywhere from 5.45am-6.45am. Long gone is the luxury of pressing snooze on the alarm clock. Left with no choice but rise and shine, I head up to the kitchen to feed and let the dogs out, prepare breakfast, complete some odd jobs (laundry, tidying etc..) play with Lucas be it a jigsaw or some drawing and get him and I ready for the day.

Come 8-8.30am, I pack him off to the childminder, knowing that he will have a day of fun and mischief with his friends. Once I drop Lucas I like to get straight to my desk, accompanied by my pre-prepared Kellogg breakfast!

Routine and organisation is key to start the day off on a good note and I often feel by 9am I have already completed a day’s work



By 8.15-8.45(ish) the day job begins at Kellogg. I always enjoy the first hour of the morning, I’ll have grabbed a cup of tea and breakfast is at the ready and I get stuck into deciding the priorities for the day. Having my strategic plan helps me to focus my energies where they are needed. I then scan emails and Teams for anything urgent that needs intentional attention straight away.

By 10am I could be on a call presenting to our HR lead team on the activities I will lead throughout the next few months, this could be anything from increasing employees’ financial wellbeing and resilience to a technical review of our Annual Incentive make up for the coming year. Some of the time will likely be spent discussing my methodologies and end-to-end approach for some of the bigger reward projects with my manager, recommending milestones, desired outcomes and plans for stakeholder engagement.


Lunch - 12:00pm

Lunchtime comes around fairly quickly, and I try as much as possible to get out for a walk to clear my head which definitely increases my energy for the rest of the day. If it’s ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ in Kellogg I might take part in a session such as mindfulness to learn valuable tips and tricks on being more mindful in work.

Due to the current nature of us all working from home I really need to ensure I get 30-45 minutes away from my desk during the day, without it I feel my concentration can lapse more easily. Once I’m back from my walk or finished my wellbeing session, I eat a quick lunch and get stuck back in.


Afternoon - 2:00pm

By 2pm, I would often have a 1-2-1 with a colleague on our team from another region, where we share ideas, plans and offer advice and support where needed.

Next up, it could be time for my monthly mentoring session. Often, we do a walking session rather than sit at the desk over Teams. There is huge benefit of no distractions while on a walking 1-2-1. It’s just me, my mentor at the end of the phone and fresh air! I am very lucky to have a great mentor with a vast amount of experience who is a brilliant sounding board, extremely encouraging, is strongly invested in my personal development and journey on achieving my career goals.

Every day is different in Kellogg and it often comes with its challenges and accomplishments



By 4-4.30pm, I like to embrace our ‘Own Your Own Calendar’ initiative in Kellogg. This is where I block out time ideally an hour to an hour and a half to really focus on a specific topic that needs ‘thinking time’ without interruptions. I set my status to ‘do not disturb’ and crack on. This time can be classed as a luxury by some, however, it’s really important to have some uninterrupted time to reflect strategically and plan to ensure projects are well managed end-to-end and to a high standard.


Evening - 5:30pm

Come 5.30-6pm it is time to close out for the day, review what I’ve accomplished during the day and consider what is on the agenda for the next day. I head off to collect Lucas from the childminder, or if I’m lucky my husband will, and between us we sort dinner and the bed time routine (which invariably consists of reading multiple Julia Donaldson books!).

By now it is more than likely past 8pm and it is time to get ready for the next day! If it’s bright and dry I might sneak out for another walk to clear the head and catch up with friends and family over the phone.

There is huge benefit of no distractions while on a walking 1-2-1

Every day is different in Kellogg and it often comes with its challenges and accomplishments but most of all the people I work with make Kellogg a great place to work!


End of the day

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