Are these missing pieces thwarting your global talent strategy success?


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Delivering a global talent strategy is a top priority for many HR teams. However, as the past six months have shown us, the tools and systems HR teams have at their disposal today are not built with a global approach to talent in mind. Just ask anyone tasked with tracking down where your employees were when COVID-19 hit.

The reality is, global talent strategy requires a Global Talent Mobility platform that integrates across every HCM, ATS, Payroll system and more to provide a single view of where your people are, and where you need them to be.

With pressure from the C-suite to find a better way to execute on a global talent strategy, stay compliant, and keep employee health and safety front and center, Global Talent Mobility technology will be critical to meeting those objectives. Here’s what to look for in order to fully deliver on the global talent strategy.

1. A single view of talent

Having a single, accurate, up-to-date repository of your global talent is critical for decision making, compliance management, and health and safety. For most organizations, this single view is missing - due largely to fragmented HR systems across regions. A platform that not only provides a standardized foundational data layer, but that also integrates with other existing global HR tools solves this problem.

2. Extend core HR systems, don’t replace

You’re probably already working with technology that manages personnel, benefits, taxes, travel bookings, and more. The last thing you need is a tool that requires you to rip and replace all of that.

Instead, look for a global talent mobility platform with open APIs that integrates with your existing solutions to add the missing elements that you need to deliver your global talent strategy.


3. Risk and compliance management

As the world reopens post-COVID-19, new work arrangements will persist. This introduces new concerns when it comes to legal and tax compliance thanks to employees spread out over multiple jurisdictions. Organizations can't afford the penalties of being audited and found out of compliance - but they also can't afford to overpay taxes. The right technology helps manage this risk and save you money.

4. Strategic talent placement

The core mission of a global talent strategy is to have talent in place to meet business needs where they are. But, today organizations lack a way to match existing employees with global opportunities based on skill, potential, ability to relocate, and costs.

Now is the time to choose a solution that lets you pinpoint the right person for the job and place them in a way that provides great employee experience and track performance. With a global talent mobility platform, HR can better achieve business goals and more accurately forecast costs and outcomes.

Until now, HR teams have attempted an impossible feat: manage a sophisticated global talent strategy without a truly global technology solution. This is why Topia launched its new Global Talent Mobility platform, Topia One, to address these global talent management challenges. The goal is to provide HR with the first-ever, cloud-based, open platform that provides a comprehensive and strategic solution for the future of work.

Now is the time for HR to invest in a solution that offers the tools needed to deliver on the strategy to move the organization forward.

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