Coronavirus – how to minimise disruption to your hiring process


Alan Bourne

Founder & CEO

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We’re in the midst of a hugely challenging period with a large number of countries in lockdown and no certainty about the future. Disruption has meant complete shutdown for some businesses and enormous peaks for others who are now faced with urgent recruiting needs in a new and limiting environment.

For those experiencing a peak in hiring, the numbers are unprecedented; one of our retail clients received 12,000 applications in a day last week. Plenty of businesses can cope with a high volume of applications but this paired with the loss of the opportunity to host face-to-face interviews and assessment centres can present challenges that need to be quickly addressed in order to minimise disruption and get key workers in place.

Virtualise your hiring process

Over the past few weeks, the Sova team has been busy helping clients to virtualise their entire recruitment journey. It sounds daunting but we’ve already implemented a number of simple, practical and effective solutions that will maintain a level of business continuity while being mindful of everyone’s wellbeing. We’ve put together this best practice guidance for those companies that are scaling up recruitment during the Coronavirus pandemic:


1. Candidate care is paramount

We have lost the luxury of a high touch physical environment, so we need to be creative about maintaining candidate care in a virtual environment. If you’re hosting a Digital Assessment Centre (DAC) it’s just as important to assign a host for the day and to provide pre-work and candidate comms as you would with a traditional face-to-face assessment centre.

2. Go fully virtual

This takes your current online psychometrics or video interview to another level by shifting the whole experience online into an immersive and interactive environment. Incorporate SJTs, cognitive, verbal, numerical reasoning and many other assessments within storylines that are relevant to your business.


3. A fair and equivalent process

We need to be mindful of creating a fair process for those who are assessed virtually which should be equivalent to a physical process. Do your behavioural competencies need to be tweaked to make them suitable to be used virtually? And will your assessors need additional training to accurately score candidates?


4. Practicality

Everyone is under pressure right now so any change in process needs to relieve rather than add to the administrative burden. Sova’s Digital Assessment Centre technology allows multiple assessors to observe behaviours, score candidates live on-screen and collate data to facilitate a virtual wash-up session.

5. Time and cost efficient

As well as an urgent requirement for new hires in key worker roles, lockdown means that talent acquisition teams are working from home, perhaps home educating as well. Time and cost to hire are critical and so using automation to sift applications or to generate candidate reports helps to make the most of our scarce time.


Virtual not distant

Technology can rapidly digitise your hiring process so you can operate 100% virtually. You can maintain the rigour of selection decisions and make the change easily, whilst maintaining a human touch. Digital work is thriving because we have no choice at the moment, but the tools and processes we put in place now will prepare us for whatever lies ahead.

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Listen to Sova’s Alan Bourne on our recent webinar about minimising disruption to your hiring process.

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