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“Risks worth making”

Life is often described as a series of calculated risks. Everything that you do, every decision that you make and every action that you take has a degree of the unknown attached. Regardless of whether the eventual outcome of this risk taking is positive or negative, each situation can act as a learning curve; an experience for people to build on when making decisions in future. Yet in the working world it can seem like there is a huge fear of the unknown - with words like ‘risk’ and ‘failure’ causing business heads to feel a bit hot under the collar.

Yet, not all employers are risk adverse. In fact, the London-headquartered retailer is open to the idea of taking risks to keep ahead of the curve and to stay relevant in such a highly competitive market. Under the guidance of Kate Humber, HR Director at MADE, employees are given the right skills, the space and the culture to take calculated risks and to challenge convention. In this issue’s cover feature interview, she explains how having a transparent Board, clear strategic goals and a flexible business model enable the company to take risks.

Also inside: HR Grapevine sheds light on whether employers should hire using social media; we catch-up with the HRD at Burton’s Biscuits, asking about her proudest HR moment; as well as talking to HR leaders about how to prevent a toxic workplace culture.

As ever, enjoy.


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