Free HR from unnecessary admin and get set for growth

Lindy Gravener

SuccessFactors Solutions Consultant



We are now far more efficient in what we’re doing. It has enabled us to focus on more added-value activities

Clare Martin, HR Director, Jardine Motors

Do you have time to add tangible value to the business, or are you tied up with admin? We help to free HR from time-consuming manual tasks so they can work on achieving their business goals.

From HR to Payroll to Talent Management and Recruitment, our EPI-USE People Solutions can meet the needs of your business. Powered by SAP SuccessFactors and built and deployed by EPI-USE.

Efficient HR, Payroll and Talent Processes

EPI-USE People Solutions automate and streamline many of your people-based tasks with pre-built content based on leading practices to ensure you have the right people in the right place, at the right time and paid correctly. Jardine Motors achieved £350k in annual savings through efficient processes.


See Who’s in Your Team

A big issue we see is that companies do not have any visibility into their employees’ roles, skills and job history. It can be very time-consuming for HR to pull the information together manually, but with EPI-USE People Solutions, it takes minutes. You can quickly run real-time reports such as headcount, turnover, absence and present them in visual dashboards so you can quickly spot issues and trends.

Easier and Faster Payroll

Move away from batch-style processing to a continuous payroll process with real-time monitoring of exceptions. You can test run your Payroll every day to spot errors and correct them before they have an impact. Make payroll easier with automatic calculation of changes such as mid-month starters/leavers and backdated changes with Proration and retroactive calculation as standard. Payroll processing time can be cut to a few days with an automated approval process. Jardine Motors has achieved an 80% reduction in payroll errors.


Foundation for Growth

Build a strong foundation for growth with all your people data in one system. EPI-USE People Solutions are for life, and you won’t ever need to change HR systems as they will scale with you as you grow in employee numbers or locations. Included are regular enhancements to ensure you are always compliant and up to date with industry trends. We show you how to use them and give you guidance on the key processes you need right now. You can add functionality, additional support and training as your needs change.

Why work with EPI-USE?

EPI-USE is one of the world’s most experienced independent SAP HR and Payroll specialists. We are part of which employs more than 2,700 people in 32 countries and specialise in helping our clients with their HR and Payroll needs.

We are passionate about using technology to solve challenges and do things better.

Fast and Affordable

The subscription price includes our support for day-to-day issues, as well as quarterly legal and compliance updates. Getting this powerful, robust HR Cloud system in place won’t be a significant event or disrupt your business. We can get you up and running from as little as six weeks.


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