A Day in the life of...


Director of Talent Acquisition at Enterprise Holdings

As Director of Talent Acquisition at Enterprise Holdings, a global mobility business with brands such as Enterprise Car Club, Flex-E-Rent and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, in its roster, Ashley Hever has his hands full. Below he gives myGrapevine magazine a glimpse into what one of his days at work is like, from conversations with colleagues in North America to his plans for the business’ LGBTQ+ employee network, Enterpride...


Morning - 8:00am

Most mornings my working day starts around 8.00am, but pre-Covid I would have an hour-plus commute into work, and I have tried to keep the routine going so I will get up, have my early morning coffee and have a look at what’s going on in the world via social media, the news and sport.

In all honesty I am not really a morning person, and neither is my cockapoo Ted, but he will get up to join me and my husband Adam for some breakfast and then I am all set for the day ahead.  One thing I do miss about my commute is listening to podcasts, but I certainly don’t miss the M25.


I always check the day before what meetings I have the following day, so I am fully prepared. I have also got into the habit of restarting my computer as you never quite know what will happen with the laptop first thing. I am ready for the working day at around 7:45am. I don’t check in with the team every morning as they told me they much prefer to catch up at different times of the day. Since lockdown things have become very Teams and Zoom centric – I like to walk around when I am chatting – so we mix up our communication tools and use the phone rather than just the laptop.

I am not really a morning person, and neither is my cockapoo Ted



There are a couple of regional hiring forecast calls that I have before 10.00am which I really enjoy. Over the summer we moved talent acquisition to a shared service for the UK & Ireland which was a really exciting project to lead on and it’s a great opportunity during these forecast calls with the regional HR managers to discuss all things talent. I’m very proud of Enterprise’s commitment to helping young people build great careers and our graduate management training programme provides a first step on the career ladder after university. Many of our current senior leadership team have come through this programme, so there is a lot of support for it.

I then have a call with Business in the Community to review the Race at Work survey which Enterprise is sponsoring this year and sharing best practice with the other sponsors. At 11am I have my catch up with the HR Directors Leigh and Donna. During lockdown it’s been crucial that we have regular team catch ups to discuss the business, where we can support the business and bounce ideas off each other. I have missed that face-to-face interaction, and it’s been important to still have that ‘best friend’ at work so these calls can often spill over into lunch where we will catch up on Line of Duty or whatever we are all watching.


Lunch - 12:00pm

I have ensured that the team all block out one hour each day for lunch and it was important that I led by example, so I don’t have meetings between 12-1pm. I have also set any team meetings that would initially be booked for an hour and changed these to 50 minutes. One day I went from 1pm through to 7pm and didn’t have one break to grab a coffee or just think about what i needed to do post-meeting and write my ideas down, so as a business we have decided all meetings are now 50 or 25 minutes long and the feedback has been great.

During lockdown it’s been crucial that we have regular team catch ups

I do have a substantial lunch, and just something light for dinner. It’s strange that since lockdown I think I have been going to bed two hours earlier than I did before so I eat more during the day than the evening.


Afternoon - 2:00pm

Post lunch and my colleagues in North America are about to start their day and today we have our brand and recruitment call to talk through ideas, events we have going on and what trends we are seeing in the marketplace. One of the team will present for 10 minutes on a webinar they have attended and share what they have learnt.

I try to reserve 2.50pm for a 10-minute coffee break and a hunt around the house looking for chocolate or sweets!



At 3pm we are presenting our new diversity dashboard to the senior leadership team. This is something we have been building over the past few months and I love it; it gives us a snapshot of our employee base and an insight into the business from an attraction, hiring, development and retention perspective – we get some great questions from the business.

I have really tried to ensure during Covid that I continue to speak to my external customers and partners, so I have a call with National Student Pride to talk through the event and start planning for it. I planned this call deliberately as at 4pm I am hosting our Enterpride network meeting. This is the LGBTQ+ employee network and one of my favourite meetings.

I am also part of the RL100 and we have a great community

One positive I have seen from Covid and the virtual world is the engagement from our networks, their involvement and participation. We would usually host these meetings at our head office and not everyone could attend, but now they are virtual we get great attendance and we have better, more honest and authentic conversations. Feedback from the group is that they don’t worry about someone watching them going into the meeting and they are more comfortable in their own environment. We have really learnt a lot from our employees during this time.



At 5pm the dog is looking at me for his dinner, so I will quickly get that sorted for him. Throughout the day I have been trying to sort any urgent emails and follow up on any action items from the previous day. I use social media a lot so will share any of our content for the day on LinkedIn and Twitter, and towards the end of the day check in with my two recruiting managers to see how the day has gone.


Evening - 6:00pm

I am also part of the Resourcing Leaders 100 (RL100) and we have a great community so I have a couple of messages that I need to reply to on text. I know it’s not going to be a 6pm finish. Adam usually does the cooking in the house which I am so grateful for, so after a quick snack I need to spend an hour just catching up on things. I work better in the evening; I think it’s because I grew up in a pub so was always working at night. I have a couple of external presentations coming up and need to get some initial ideas and thoughts down on paper and get my plan together for tomorrow.

In between thoughts I am doing a bit of online shopping and then around 7.30pm will put the laptop away, maybe pour myself a nice gin and tonic and settle down on the sofa to watch the football or Coronation Street and catch up with Adam on life.


End of the day