Being human in a digital world

Stephanie Kelly

Chief People Officer, IRIS Software Group

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Imagine a workplace where you have more time, more space and more engaged employees. What could you achieve?

The future of work has been a top talking point among HR professionals for some time now. Technological breakthroughs are transforming traditional ways of working, and our workforce is changing.

Digital natives have grown up with sophisticated technology as standard, so discussions often focus around younger employees who expect their workplace to operate as smoothly and conveniently as the technology in their personal lives.

However, this isn’t limited to younger generations – the way the world works has changed for all of us. Accessing your bank details by using your fingerprint and receiving online orders within hours of purchase are just two examples.


So, the future of work is already here. We have already seen many key benefits to your HR function, and these are set to become more prevalent as generation Alpha steps into the workplace. These include:

Being more human

Contrary to common concerns, the digital takeover makes way for HR teams to focus on the human aspect of their role. Utilising technology automation reduces the administrative and operational burdens often plagued by many departments, enabling HR professionals to focus on taking care of people.

Making better decisions

Not only do you gain time and space, technology can also provide a trusted, easily accessible view of data, providing valuable insight to help plan your business growth. This allows evidence-based decision making at its finest for both strategic planning and solving even the most complicated problems.

Finding freedom

Technology available anytime, anywhere and on any device provides the opportunity for employees – in your HR team and beyond - to work where and when they can be most productive. Global networks are instantly connected, with the ability to meet online and store information in internationally shared spaces.

Encouraging innovation

Trusted with the freedom and ownership modern technology offers, your teams feel empowered to do their best work. Their ideas are not only encouraged but valued too. This leads to high levels of engagement and ultimately encourages business success. Evidence also suggests employees who feel valued also feel less stressed.


Final thought

Automating administrative, manual and mundane processes allows HR professionals to focus on attracting and retaining the best workforce. From instantly accessing employment details, managing holidays and benefits, to receiving training, employers can ensure they are fully engaged with employees, and are set for long term success.

Get fighting fit for the future of work

Cascade’s HR and Payroll Management system is at the forefront of the future workplace. Whatever your business’s needs, our software can deliver a dynamic HR solution that meets them. Helping you to streamline your processes and improve employee engagement, ultimately to enhance your competitive advantage.

Flexible and intuitive, Cascade helps you manage your people processes throughout the employee lifecycle, also growing and evolving alongside your business.

Taking you to wherever you want your future to be.

What could the future of your work look like?

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