5 Tech tips for opening a meaningful conversation with your team during all-hands meetings


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All-company meetings such as all-hands or town halls play an important role in maintaining healthy internal communication.

Besides the obvious reasons for running them (keeping everyone aligned around the company strategy and sharing business updates), there's one major opportunity that these meetings provide:

Creating a space for conversation between employees and leaders.

In these tough times, this is more important than ever.

The events of the first half of 2020 have turned many of us into remote workers. Others have lost their jobs or had their wages cut due to companies' losses in revenue.

Done right, all-hands meetings - online or in person - provide clarity during times of uncertainty.

Leverage technology to give all your employees a voice and create a meaningful two-way dialogue all across the board with these 5 simple yet powerful tips.

1. Run a quick pulse check on how everybody is feeling

Involve your employees in an active conversation right from the start and give them a chance to express how they feel.

Open your meeting with a word cloud poll, asking your team: “In one word, how would you describe the past week/month?” Or, run a rating poll such as: “On a scale of 1-7, how are you feeling today?”

2. Get your team's buy in

If the current crisis forced your company to make changes in strategy, OKRs, or everyday operations, check how your team understands these changes and how they perceive them.

You can leverage live polls here too. Let your employees vote in a rating poll such as: “On a scale of 1-5, how well do you understand the new Marketing OKRs?” or collect more elaborate insights from them via an open text poll.


3. Collect questions and run a transparent Q&A

In uncertain times such as these, it is only natural that people have plenty of questions. However, not everybody is comfortable with speaking up, especially on a conference call.

Let your employees send their questions in through a Q&A app such as Slido. They will be able to do that anonymously or with their names. Start collecting your employees' questions ahead of your meeting, so your executives can better prepare for the Q&A.

4. Boost motivation and team morale

All-hands meetings are also great opportunities for celebrating your heroes and great things that they've done in the past month or quarter.

Try a 'Silent hero' activity. Using a word cloud poll, let people submit a name of someone who went above and beyond. Combine it with an open text poll so they can write a nice comment about the person as well.

5. Ask for your employees' feedback and collect suggestions

Feedback from your employees is one of your most important assets.

Send a feedback survey after each meeting to collect insights from the team about what they found valuable, what could be improved and collect their suggestions. Timely feedback can help you make your next all-hands meetings even better and more valuable.

Keep your online meetings interactive
Slido makes it easy to engage your audience, whether you run a large video conference, webinar or a small team meeting.

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