2021 HR Blueprint | What must HR Leaders prioritise in 2021?

What must HR Leaders prioritise in 2021?

2020 has been a year like no other. This year, more so than any other in living memory, HR teams have been faced with a very different set of challenges.

Almost overnight, businesses went remote, policies and procedures had to be rewritten and HR teams found themselves front and centre in responding to a global pandemic.

But what has been clear is that HR teams have really found their feet. What were once considered temporary ways of working, are now starting to evolve into better ways of working, and there's a sense of optimism about 2021.

As HR teams look to finalise their strategy for the next 12 months, there's a lot to consider, but we're committed to helping you on this journey. To help bring a level of clarity, we've created this 2021 HR Blueprint.

Pulling together some of the brightest minds from the HR community and beyond, the Blueprint offers expert opinion and predictions into key areas and trends, as well as additional resources and reading which will help you in devising your 2021 agenda.

Download the 2021 HR Blueprint.

What can you expect?

The sentiments expressed by our experts is that 2021 presents real opportunities for HR teams brave enough to re-imagine the future of their businesses.

The business landscape is shifting. HR need to stay at the forefront of change in order to stay relevant, regardless of their specialism. For some, this might require a different mindset and stepping out of their comfort zone - but this shouldn't be a concern. HR teams on a global scale have already demonstrated they're well equipped to lead with agility during turbulent times.

It's time to break boundaries, to tackle longstanding beliefs, and ultimately, to re-imagine the future of HR. And we’ll tell you how.


Our experts offer insight into where you should focus your energy in 2021, covering a number of key areas:

  • Technology

  • Hiring and talent

  • Learning and Development

  • Mental health and wellbeing

  • Employer brand and company culture

  • Diversity, Equity and Racial Inequality

  • And much more...

It's time to build on the momentum gained over recent months and seize the opportunity to take the lead in driving efficient, more human-centric workplaces.

How can HR ensure it's at the forefront of change in 2021? Download our HR Blueprint for the answers.

Download 2021 HR Blueprint

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