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How to manage your remote recruitment team effectively

So, you’ve been thrust into an unexpected work from home situation. (Or WFH, as the cool kids are abbreviating it…)

Your recruitment team is suddenly working remotely, having to find new ways to be productive together. And they’re facing all-new challenges – probably the biggest they’ve ever faced in their careers (hopefully the biggest they’ll ever face).

Your recruiters are under pressure from all angles:

  • To deliver high-quality candidates without meeting them in-person, to protect the business long-term from costly hiring decisions.

  • To onboard effectively so new hires hit the ground running – either remotely, or when nobody on the ground has time to hand-hold newbies.

  • To protect your employer brand by delivering a positive candidate (and employee) experience, despite normal processes being in upheaval.

  • To bring their game face, being positive, proactive and productive even when they’re facing personal turmoil and anxiety.

  • To help candidates handle uncertainty and stress, so video interviewees can do themselves justice (so your recruiters can make accurate hiring decisions)

Meanwhile, HR Magazine find only 61% of employees say they’re as productive as normal right now. And only 54% say they’re motivated to do their best job.

COVID-19 is the perfect storm for plummeting morale, engagement and productivity amongst your team – which translate into missed targets and poor performance for the business.

And then there’s you – tasked with steering the ship, navigating these stormy waters and keeping the crew together.

Here are the six C’s – the principles that matter most when managing your remote recruitment team.

  • Compassion

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Clarity

  • Camaraderie

  • Capability

Managing a remote recruitment team isn’t easy at the best of times. It’s especially not easy right now, when work-from-home has been sprung on you without much warning. These six Cs will steer you right, to keep morale, engagement and productivity high. 

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