Hiring | 5 ways to attract tech talent to your non-tech organisation

5 ways to attract tech talent to your non-tech organisation

You're a large brand, established within your industry. However, you need to continue to adapt to retain your competitive edge. As a result, you're scaling up your tech department. The problem is, you're not known for being a top-choice tech employer.

So, how do you attract tech talent to your non-tech organisation?

Refine your employer brand

A strong employer brand can transform your candidate attraction efforts, ensuring you are known by candidates for all the right reasons. So, create an employer brand that is inclusive of tech talent by becoming familiar with what tech talent wants from employers.

For example, all employers should ensure they have a positive culture, competitive salary, flexibility, remote working and opportunities for career progression. However, we’ve surmised 5 key benefits for tech talent. So, when a vacancy arises, you can start shortlisting straight away.

Creative environment with freedom to innovate

Startups are, inherently, creative environments. They are, in and of themselves, risky ventures. As such, they provide a playground for talent to create and explore within.

So, to compete, large organisations should promote trial and error practices which give top talent the freedom to make mistakes and also succeed. Establish your company as an exciting option for talented innovators who want to be able to use their imagination, experiment and put their skill set to the test.

Use the best technology

If you want to hire tech talent, your target audience will likely be attracted by a workplace that allows them to use the latest technology. Businesses using dated tech might lose out to those who invest in their technology, thereby creating a better experience for their employees.

Use experienced tech recruiters

Recruiters who have significant experience of hiring for the tech industry will already have an extensive talent pool at their fingertips. Not only will they already know candidates who may be right for positions within your company, but they will also have an established relationship with them, and awareness of cultural fit. As a result, using specialised recruiters should shorten time-to-hire and improve retention levels.

Top talent attracts top talent

It goes without saying really, but everyone wants to work with people they can learn from. This shouldn’t just refer to more senior talent – everyone has something to offer.

So, don't compromise on what you need to make a hire quickly. Sometimes the best hires take more time than you'd like them to, but it can be worth the wait for the right people. Then, when your organisation is already made up of top tech talent, you are sure to continue to attract the people you want to work with.

Tech talent is in demand. As such, all organisations wishing to scale-up their tech departments need to go the extra mile to make sure they are an attractive employer. The key is to pay attention to what tech talent wants from employers. So, keep your eye on trends in the market and make sure your organisation is always one step ahead.

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