Vacancy | Hiring top tech talent for start-ups

Hiring top tech talent for start-ups

Vacancies in the tech industry are on the rise, with jobs for developers set to increase at a rate of 24% (predicted up until 2026). However, with the skills gap in the market not set to decrease anytime soon, tech candidates are in demand.

With such a shortage of quality candidates, the market remains firmly in their favour. So, how can tech start-ups compete with big tech organisations to work with the best tech talent out there?

Utilise specialised recruiters

Tech start-ups cannot rely on reputation or a well-known brand to attract top talent. However, by partnering with tech-specific recruiters through an RPO, you can gain from their unique industry knowledge and connections.

Tech candidates are so in demand that they are unlikely to utilise popular job boards. As it happens, tech candidates are more likely to be passive and approached directly by recruiters. Or, they may find out about new roles through their personal connections.

Having built and refined a talent pool over time by keeping their eye on the passive market, specialised recruiters already have significant connections they can reach out to as soon as a vacancy becomes available. So, utilising tech-specific recruiters can enable you to get in contact with some of the best talent out there, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Establish an attractive employer brand

As a start-up, your company has a significant advantage over more established organisations. Big tech companies may have to go through complicated processes to update their employer brand. However, you can establish a brand and culture which attracts tech talent straight away.

To get one foot ahead, make some solid decisions from the start on what you want your brand to represent and how you can implement that in your company culture. With so many options available for tech talent, a workplace that will value and develop them while providing a positive culture is likely to be top of their list.

Develop careers from the beginning

While you will doubtless require the wealth of experience top talent can bring to the table, it is worth considering also hiring new talent for your start-up. Millennials and Gen Zers are tech and digital natives who can bring unexpected innovations to your organisation.

Not only can you save costs this way, but you can also gain diversity of thought while implementing development plans to encourage long term retention, thereby establishing a positive company culture.

So, to work with the best tech talent in the market, you need to think creatively. Consider utilising an RPO to gain from the expertise of specialised recruiters. As well as this, establish your employer brand as a serious competitor and develop careers from the ground up to work with the innovators of the future.

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