HR is such a complex field in which to work, and it’s moving incredibly fast. It can be a struggle, sometimes, to know if the hard work you’re investing in your business is really making a difference. This, however, isn’t a conundrum that Juliett Cattermole has to ponder. The business at which she is HR Director, David Lloyd Clubs, was just announced as one of the Sunday Times’ ‘Best Places to Work’ for 2023 – an accolade that was entirely employee driven. The move, according to Cattermole, is just one of many signs that the direction the company is taking is the right one.

Cattermole's path to the HR profession was not necessarily a conventional one. After leaving college without a clear direction, she joined British Airways as cabin crew, where her love for customer service and customer-facing roles was nurtured. It was during her time with the company that she had the opportunity to work in various areas of the business, eventually finding herself in the HR department in a training role. This experience ignited her passion for making a difference in people's lives through training and development.

“The key think I’ve learned is that through my career, I can make a real difference in people’s lives. That’s naturally my biggest passion and I feel very motivated to help people progress through their career, and grow and prosper. I found that out straight away, and it’s what has kept me engaged throughout my career,” she says.