Burnout | Practical tips to revive and motivate virtual teams

Practical tips to revive and motivate virtual teams

Feeling overworked and under-appreciated? Struggling with burnout? Stretched too thin?

Since Covid, almost every team is doing ‘more with less’ and doing it virtually – impacting engagement and wellbeing. Yet productivity often rises when times are tough.

Can you truly drive success and be an effective leader, without burning people out?

Wilson Learning’s experience of supporting organisations through unexpected and disruptive workplace change suggests you can – provided you act decisively to re-engage your team.

It reveals that employees with low engagement wait to see what comes next and can slip into a state of ‘rust out’, where they have no hope. Conversely, committed employees can take on impossible workloads and reach burnout, as they experience no relief.

Efficiency is lowest during rust out and burnout – so managers must create changes that offer hope of relief and renewal to re-engage their teams.

Wilson Learning’s practical tips enable them to proactively do this in our free to download pdf below.

They highlight the key steps every manager should take to help their overextended team re-engage with each other – and with their work.

By sharing practical ways to delegate for growth, our tips equip managers to identify and support the areas in which individuals can develop their skills and knowledge – and apply existing skills in new and productive ways.

They also show managers how to confidently create a community of support for their ‘revive and survive’ initiative by enhancing collaboration – a pivotal skill to master in the virtual world.

Wilson Learning’s practical tips equip managers to re-engage over-stretched teams at a time of burnout and create fresh opportunities – leading to growth and success.

Want to know our practical tips to re-engage overstretched teams?

Download our full article here, for free.

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