Free eLearning - employee engagement (for managers)

Jamie Pert

Managing Director


Highly engaged employees are vital to the success of any organisation - whether private, public or not-for-profit. But to improve engagement, you need engaging people managers.

If managers are provided with the right support, they can have a dramatic impact on engagement at an individual and team level. Delivering huge benefits (as this two-minute animated video explains):

The importance of developing manager engagement

More and more research is highlighting the crucial role that managers play in individual and team engagement

  • 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager (Gallup)
  • Employees are twice as likely to be disengaged if they report to a disengaged manager (Harvard Business Review)

These statistics suggest that if you improve manager engagement, the benefits will trickle down to the rest of their team. However, to do that your managers will need great resources and a bit of support.

Expert help is at hand

Engage for Success have been researching employee engagement since 2008, when the UK Government commissioned a report into its impact on organisations (you can read a summary here).

They created the Engaging Managers Zone - which provides the latest thinking and free practical resources to help managers become more engaged in boosting employee engagement and productivity.

Easily packaged for managers

Bundle Training have been creatively collaborating with Engage for Success to share their expertise via a free, bite-sized eLearning course designed for managers across any organisation.

The eLearning aims to empower managers to improve their own engagement (and that of their team) through a series of carefully crafted and extremely visual bite-sized lessons - covering:

  • An explanation of employee engagement and its benefits
  • Engage for Success’ Four Enablers of engagement
  • The role of engaging people managers
  • Ten tips that managers can take to improve engagement in their teams

Available for free

The elearning will be made available to any organisation that’s looking to improve manager engagement - along with communication resources to help raise awareness amongst managers.

If you want to find out more, you can register your interest here.

About Engage for Success

Engage for Success is a growing, dynamic, voluntary movement promoting employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams and whole organisations.

About Bundle Training

Bundle are experts at cooking up simple and visually engaging ways to explain even the most complex of subjects - through animation, design and digital learning.