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Ron G Holland

Serial Entrepreneur

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Recruiting the right people for your company has historically been an expensive, time-consuming, and often haphazard affair, writes seasoned business mentor and entrepreneur Ron G Holland.

This, however, looks set to change with the launch of a new video-based human capital-matching app, Quollify, which promises to disrupt the disruptors and bring instantaneous, qualified business matches to companies and corporates of all sizes.

Addressing the problems associated with sourcing human capital is relatively straight forward but, in the first instance, I think it is important to recognise that human capital— the value that the right person for the job delivers to a business in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience—is equally important to financial capital, if not more so.

Many corporates and entrepreneurs, however, are still failing to recognise this, to their detriment and the delight of their more clued-up competitors.

Simply put, much more thought, emphasis, and effort has to be placed on sourcing and attracting talented individuals if a company is to continue growing and reach its full potential.

This is now truer than ever as, for numerous reasons, such professionals are becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

Currently, matching human capital with a company’s exact needs and requirements is expensive, time-consuming, and driven by last-century technologies.

Famed as the “entrepreneur’s entrepreneur”, Ron G Holland seems to have the bull firmly by the horns with his new business-matching app, Quollify.


This can have a negative impact on companies in many ways, not least financially where it is not at all unusual for a business to entrust the recruitment process to a pricey agency and pay upwards of £40,000 for the privilege.

Combine this significant, upfront outlay with the hit-and-miss results and it’s a recipe for disaster. All company owners will understand the frustration of receiving a short list of, say, three candidates for a position and, because of time restraints, having no option but to select one who, at the end of the day, may be far from ideal for the role in question.

Usually, you know within seconds of meeting someone whether the individual sitting in front of you is going to fit the company culture and specific role in mind, and whether their CV truly reflected their capabilities and personality, or otherwise. That’s great, but not so much if you’ve had to pay through the nose to get to this point, and all the shortlisted candidates don’t come up to scratch.

My impression is that the majority of business owners simply don’t realise or appreciate the level at which artificial intelligence (AI) and predicative analytics can now be successfully utilised. It’s been well over 20 years since Bill Gates penned Business @ the Speed of Thought—concerning the integration of business and technology—and we really have been at the level envisaged by Gates for a number of years now. The reason, then, why business matching sites slow you, your HR team, or appointed recruitment agency, down; and why they put barriers between you and your search target, as well as restricting the number of contacts that you can make, has nothing to do with technology or the lack thereof. Very simply put, it is all because their monetisation models demand it.

With this firmly in mind I set about to rectify the situation. The whole ethos of the Quollify business-matching app that I am in the process of launching is to supply qualified (‘quollified’) matches FAST, and for FREE.

The Quollify app is based on a 30-second video format that allows recruiters to clearly and quickly set out exactly what they are looking for.

The app is based on 30-second videos, whereby the recruiter states who they are, what they are doing, and exactly whom they are seeking. Believe me, in 30 seconds you can articulate all this abundantly. It is usually within 30 seconds that the viewer will decide whether they can do business with you, or not. The app is currently in beta and we already have videos flooding in. They all tell a different story, and clearly illustrate how they will instantly appeal to some, as in the right candidates, and not to others, as in those unsuited for the role. On top of the information contained within the video you can also include in your profile as much pertinent data about yourself, and your proposition, as you like. It may not be obvious but the more you include, the more the effectively and quickly the multiple sophisticated Quollify algorithms and AI respond.

Of course, from the outset, we have understood that the Quollify app will disrupt the disrupters and that there will be many copycats. Many will find it difficult to shed their legacy business, with its outdated monetisation polices and restrictive practices and methodologies. Others will never comprehend the depths that we have gone to, to organise human capital.


It is no exaggeration to say that the recruitment of C-suite and other executives will never be the same again thanks to Quollify, and the app will truly open up the global marketplace for talented executives, as well as the millions seeking non-executive roles and run-of-the-mill jobs.

Entrepreneurs, business opportunity-seekers, and SMEs will have a vast selection of co-founders, strategic partners, coaches, mentors, business angels, designers, non-executives, advisers, business opportunities, accountants, and lawyers, to name but a few, right there at their fingertips and ready to join your team as you take your company forward.