The Great Resignation | What your leaders can do to attract, retain and inspire employees?

What your leaders can do to attract, retain and inspire employees?

Skills shortage, flight of talent, call it what you will – but few organisations can afford to lose any more high-calibre, high-performing people from their overstretched workforces.

‘Not enjoying the work’ is one reason employees quit jobs, but many also cite poor leadership or a ‘bad’ manager. Their strengths aren’t being used. They aren’t happy. They can’t grow their careers.

So how do organisations develop leaders who can attract, retain and inspire others to follow – supporting their team’s careers as they deliver your organisation’s strategy for success?

Wilson Learning reveals how to do this in our free to download pdf.

In it, we note that increasing leadership effectiveness to retain and develop team talent, has long been a priority for organisations – yet many fail to achieve the step change they want… why?

Possibly because they don’t recognise that the fundamental purpose of leaders is to build an environment where people feel engaged and commit their full energy to the creation of value and success.

However, many organisations target their development efforts on leadership or ‘management’ skills alone. Whereas our research shows that to develop great leaders, who can retain and develop talented teams, organisations must first understand what makes a great leader.

From this perspective, organisations can focus on developing leadership character (Essence) alongside the required know how or skills (Form).

To avoid the costly impact of high attrition rates, organisations must invest in an approach that integrates both leadership character and leadership skills. Our free to download pdf shows you how.

It busts the myth that character development is only needed for your most senior leaders. Instead, it shows why the different challenges faced by first-, mid- and executive-level leaders influence how Essence and Form should be developed for each.

By taking practical steps to integrate both, organisations will develop leaders who can provide the stability, sense of purpose and strong values that employees need to remain focused, engaged and productive – putting effective skills and talent retention at the heart of your organisation’s growth.

Want to know more – including how our Leadership Development Framework can enable your organisation to tackle high attrition rates by developing great leaders? Download our free pdf.

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