Innovate now | 4 steps to activate the power of innovative people

4 steps to activate the power of innovative people

Innovation – it’s the must-have mindset for every future-focused organisation right now.

But how can managers turn their team’s brightest ideas into practical action that powers commercial success? What steps will transform innovative potential into 2021’s market breakthrough, equipping your business to grow?

Now more than ever, organisations whose managers fail to support their teams to innovate risk falling behind their competitors. They falter and miss opportunities – too unwieldy for today’s agile world.

Wherever and however they work, now is the time to get your teams ready to innovate. Wilson Learning’s practical tips equip managers to do exactly this in our free to download pdf.

We recognise that everyone innovates, but differently. Understanding how to adeptly harness your team’s different innovation styles and sustain a breakthrough culture – particularly virtually – is key to powering performance.

Our tips reveal the four Innovation Styles and the practical steps every manager should take to maximise each person’s contribution to the innovation process. From Visioning through to Modifying – why not discover your own Innovation Style?

Whether in-person or virtually, our practical steps also show why organisations that use a methodical approach lead the way in transforming innovative thinking into real-world products and services that target customers’ needs.

This includes Wilson Learning’s four-step model, which enables managers to confidently create the right conditions for innovation to flourish. With the skills to pinpoint key challenges and set a clear focus, they can build the best foundations on which innovative potential will grow.

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