Technology | Using rec-tech to manage soaring application volumes

Using rec-tech to manage soaring application volumes

Recruiters are instrumental to business recovery – but they face a huge challenge. Here’s how to empower them to overcome it. 

According to the World Economic Forum, UK unemployment is forecasted to hit 9% by the end of lockdown. In the US, 15%. COVID-19 may cost the equivalent of 305 million full-time jobs globally.  

To state the obvious – that’s a lot of people who’ll be looking for jobs soon.

That’s certainly been the case in industries that’ve had to scale-up recruitment, like retail. We handled a 3,900% increase in applications to retail clients in two days recently, and healthcare’s similarly affected. 

As industries start to reset, high application volumes will likely be the norm across the board. 

And some locations could be hit especially hard. The most recent figures from the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) say applications per vacancy have increased to over 50 in eleven areas of England – compared to around four per vacancy before coronavirus. 

That’s a huge challenge. Recruitment teams – often having had to make redundancies themselves – are overrun. Processes are clogged. It’s chaos.

And meanwhile, companies worldwide desperately need new skills to evolve and thrive in this post-COVID world. Or risk going under.

In that context, recruitment are the guardians of business agility – which makes them instrumental to business recovery. Empowering your recruiters to optimise, streamline and accelerate the flow of talent into your business is mission-critical. 

Help’s at hand.  

How Tribepad Recruitment Software Helps Recruiters Do More with Less

1. Streamlined end-to-end recruitment process

As all recruiters know, lots of recruitment tasks are repetitive, formulaic and manual. That means a) they’re deadly dull and b) they’re not the most efficient use of recruiters’ time. And being more efficient is crucial when you’re dealing with high application volumes. 

Tribepad is designed to codify and automate the stuff that can be codified and automated, so your recruiters can get more done in less time.

2. Faster job creation

When you’re handling high application volumes, writing and posting jobs can waste hours. Plus complex authorisation processes are crucial to keep control over your recruitment function but often cause more delays. Especially when everyone’s juggling more plates than usual. 

3. Genuinely useful candidate database

A powerful candidate database makes for a powerful recruitment team. But if you’re recruiting at volume, you can easily lose control over your candidate data. And then it’s barely useful. 

Maybe your current database is a wasteland because your recruiters see using it as a chore, for example. A mess of strange parsing, duplicate entries and empty descriptions.  Or maybe your decentralised recruitment team all use different systems (or worse, spreadsheets) so they’re working in inefficient silos. 

The backbone of Tribepad is a super powerful candidate database – called Talent Search – that genuinely makes your recruiters’ lives easier. And saves you money on ad and agency spend. 

“We saw a 40% drop in agency costs almost immediately”

Strategic Talent Acquisition Partner, Sodexo

4. Rigorous automated pre-screening processes

When you’re handling high application volume, screening and shortlisting them is a time-consuming nightmare. Especially if you struggle with application quality. 

5. Better candidate and recruiter interview experience

Recruiters who handle volume typically spend most of their working lives chasing candidates for interviews or asking the same questions 300-times over. It’s not efficient, and it’s no fun. 

And tired, disengaged, frustrated recruiters aren’t likely to give the best impression of your business. And they mightn’t stick around too long either, which has a big cost attached. 

Tribepad provide award-winning recruitment software that helps businesses hire the best talent, fast. We’d love to show you under the bonnet. Book a demo here.

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