2021 Workplace Learning Report | Your Guide to Skill Building in the New World of Work

After a year when everything shifted, learning has moved front and centre.

It’s a new world, which calls for building additional skills. Our 5th annual Workplace Learning Report is designed to give you the best insights on emerging trends—and practical advice—to help you craft your 2021 learning strategies and programs. We surveyed 5,154 professionals spanning 27 countries to reveal their priorities, challenges, and inspirations. What we found will surprise you.

Explore the 2021 Workplace Learning Report to find out where L&D is headed. You will get a comprehensive view of the future of learning.

  • Last year, executives took notice when L&D quickly pivoted their learning programs to help employees manage through change. The good news is that L&D’s elevated role in their organisations remains strong in 2021. Dig into the report to find out how that championship is expected to impact L&D budgets.

  • When we asked L&D pros globally about their most important areas of focus in 2021, upskilling and reskilling topped the list. In the report, we share more about how they are tackling the massive skill building challenge and their answers may surprise you.

  • Given that the pace of change only seems to have increased in 2021, it’s understandable why resilience and digital fluency topped the list of priority skills to build globally this year, with some countries more focused on resilience and some more focused on digital fluency.

Explore the report for global, regional and industry-specific insights, strategies, and stories to inspire skill building at organisations across the globe.

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