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Understanding employee wellbeing starts at home
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The age-old saying of not mixing business with pleasure is just that – an old way of thinking.

Today, the lines between our work and personal lives are blurring with more businesses investing in workplaces and employee benefits to create environments that foster creativity and productivity, with enhanced amenities to support their staff’s wellbeing. But with people spending less time in the traditional office, physically, the challenge facing organisations is how to have a positive influence on their staff once they leave the office for the day.

That’s why it’s important that employers understand wellbeing starts at home. It’s a simple statement and one that’s underestimated.

You can invest in Prosecco taps, sleep pods and slides to make your offices more liveable, however if your team are going back to a home that they don’t enjoy living in then this will certainly have an impact on their overall wellbeing which could also potentially lead to reduced productivity.

So the question is, how can mangers ensure that their team aren’t exposed to poor living conditions, dangerous neighbourhoods and unreliable landlords? It is through building and managing brilliant, big city neighbourhoods that Get Living has an important role to play in this.

We work closely with HR professionals across various industries who are faced with attracting and maintaining a young workforce – which is particularly challenging for those recruiting talent in London.

By introducing staff to a Get Living neighbourhood, they’ll benefit from: having an on-site landlord who is contactable seven days a week; one point of contact to take them through viewings, referencing, contracts, move in, move out and everything in between; free social and community events; two weeks’ free rent; free superfast broadband to support home-working; no fees and no security deposits.

Employers not only gain reassurance that their staff are living in high quality homes but also reap the rewards in terms of attraction, retention and day-to-day productivity.

These are employee benefits that demonstrate a genuine vested interest in the lives of staff beyond the office doors.

In partnering with professional build-to-rent landlords, employers can ensure that while the lines between work and home life continue to merge, the wellbeing and productivity of their people is on an upward curve.

If you’re interested in adding Get Living’s Preferential Partnership to your employee benefits package or would like to have a conversation about how our homes can benefit your staff, please email Steven Osei at [email protected].

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