Talent | Attracting candidates - what's the best way to succeed?

Attracting candidates - what's the best way to succeed?
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Depending on the sector you operate in, the type of roles you are recruiting for and the methods you use to source qualified candidates can affect the results you achieve. You are invited to join us on a webinar to learn how to get your candidate attraction on track.

We will share key findings from the 4th UK Candidate Attraction research and take a look at the most pressing challenges facing recruitment teams today.

Whether you require a high volume of candidates or specialist skills that are more difficult to source, the good news is that following the research, we know which candidate attraction sourcing channels work best in the UK.

Here’s what you will discover:

  • We will share the contributing factors to the top sources, and of course, the top recruitment trends and behaviours across the talent acquisition landscape.

  • You will hear about the effectiveness of candidate sourcing channels – including job boards, social media, job aggregators and ATS/E-recruitment/Talent Pools.

  • The research serves as a benchmark for recruitment teams to compare experience in attracting candidates with industry peers.

The UK Candidate Attraction webinar will look at the sourcing channels that provide the best quality and quantity of candidates. Knowing the best way to succeed will help you to invest in the right sourcing channels to attract talent, as well as make the most of your recruitment marketing budget.

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Everyone who joins the webinar will be able to access the free 70+ page in-depth UK Candidate Attraction Report for planning your candidate attraction strategy. The report is presented in easy to read quadrants, by sector and company size.

Attracting the right candidates can be tricky and costly; therefore access to the free report should help you to benchmark against peers and challenge your thinking for the year ahead.

Who should attend?

If you are involved with recruitment, talent acquisition or HR then sign up to the webinar today to hear what over 900 recruiters had to say on candidate sourcing challenges, candidate sourcing workflows and recruitment measurement success.

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