Candidate attraction | Recruitment process feedback - what do candidates and hiring managers say about yours?

Recruitment process feedback - what do candidates and hiring managers say about yours?

Ever wondered if your recruitment journey could be that little bit better? Maybe a tweak here and a process change there to better engage with candidates. In this insight, we look at where to start and how you can expect to improve through gathering feedback.

Finding and securing the right candidates is usually influenced by several factors, not least, the recruitment process. Making incremental changes to your recruitment process whether that be from raising a job requisition quickly and accurately to interview stage and onboarding timely communication, could make a massive difference to the candidate journey and hiring manager experience.

Where to start

An excellent place to begin is to fully understand where improvements can be made in each stage of your recruitment process. Seeking feedback at various points could be invaluable, but make sure it is requested and provided in a consistent and meaningful way.

Your ATS and e-recruitment system should support creating evaluation forms for candidates and hiring managers for each vacancy. Think about what you want to find out? Did the hiring managers think the candidates were good quality, were candidates happy with the time between stages and ease of application? Also, give thought to if questions should be mandatory and how you will capture response. For example, after rejecting a candidate might want to offer a free text box to drill down on feedback as well as rating your process on a sliding scale. Again, this comes down to what you want to know and how you plan to use the feedback. Essentially, you should design your evaluation form to provide the information that will help improve your recruiting with a more favourable candidate (and hiring manager) experience.

The 2018 Talent Board Candidate Experience Research report shared that most participating EMEA employers are only asking for feedback after candidates are hired and only 18.2 percent asked for feedback after they are interviewed but before they are hired.

Quick tips for improvement

Here are some lessons that you can use to improve your recruitment process:

  • Set clear expectations about the recruiting process for candidates from application to offer. Many employers now have guidelines and timelines on their career sites.

  • Ask for candidate feedback at key stages of the process from rejected candidates as well as successful new hires.

  • Use your ATS & E-recruitment solution to automate feedback collection and regularly review the responses, statistics and charts etc. This isn’t limited to email forms but should also include forms that can be used by hiring managers to capture candidate responses, e.g. during telephone interviews.

Want to know more?

Download the free datasheet to learn how you can use Eploy Discover to fully customise your application process feedback right down to specific vacancies and view statistics and charts for each question and response.

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