What leadership skills do you need for 2022?

November 2021


After almost two years of constant disruption – not to mention the ever-quickening pace of change that came before the pandemic – it will be hardly surprising to learn that the challenges business leaders face, and have to face up to, are reconfigured.

This landscape, of course, requires both tweaks - and in some cases complete changes to – the leadership skillsets needed to overcome new hurdles, in order to both survive and thrive going forward.

To help understand what these challenges are, and what skills leaders will need to tackle them, myGrapevine+ has pulled together insights from business studies and publications, as well as speaking to practicing executives and business leadership experts, to find out what skills toolboxes leaders will need for the future. This report includes insight from:

  • Sheldon Kenton, MD at Bupa Global on the need for leaders to become ‘Chief Empathy Officers’
  • Manju Malhotra, CEO at Harvey Nicholls on the need to keep delivering operational excellence despite increased pressure to deliver on work-adjacent issues first
  • Karen Thomas, NED & Founder at FTSE & Business Transformation Consultancy on building a team to complement your own skills

Within this exclusive report myGrapevine+, key trends will be analysed, and opportunities and challenges will be presented as the future of leadership skills starts to come into view.

Sheldon Kenton,
Managing Director,
Bupa Global

Manju Malhotra,
Harvey Nichols

Karen Thomas,
NED & Founder,
FTSE & Business Transformation Consultancy

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