How an unclear technology strategy for HR can lead to a loss in employee productivity


Georgie Adkin

Human Experience Management (HXM) Consultant

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The world is changing rapidly, now more than ever in our post pandemic world we must be able to be flexible and fluid to remain functional. This has meant that many organisations of every size have questioned just how fit for purpose their business technology landscape truly is. Of course, the HR function is no exception.


With many solutions and offerings out there, and individual channels of HR regularly given the freedom to select niche or point solutions to resolve specific needs, the result can be a mine field of information with sometimes painful experiences. This can leave organisations with a messy and unclear future strategy and a technology landscape fraught with issues. Not to mention the need to align and integrate HR technology with the wider organisation’s technology products. IDC say that the average person accesses 10 business applications a day. The productivity loss on opening, logging into and exiting these different apps is astounding, not to mention multiple different user experiences, integration and security concerns. Colleagues are expecting consumer like experiences and unfortunately this is not often the reality.


Organisations are beginning to realise that employee experience is key and should be at the heart of everything we do. I hear this coming across in sessions more and more. This critical mission to improve the employee experience is exactly what SAP addresses with SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. However, what about the rest of the experience - HR and beyond? A solution is needed to improve the employee experience across the whole business technology landscape. One that offers an unrivalled experience layer, seamlessly consolidates required business processes and applications and creates a single-entry point to improve productivity and experience. One that spans both SAP products and third party; core organisation products and niche solutions which may have already been invested in by the organisation.


SAP Work Zone for HR provides a personalised, collaborative, intuitive, digital workplace experience that provides easy access to relevant business applications and processes, information, and communication in a unified entry point for work – with the employee at the centre. So not only do employees get the information relevant to them but they can configure their workspace to their specifications. This goes beyond changing the theming and allows employees to change the content and layout of their page and pull the necessary apps in they need in order to do their work. So that they can find exactly what they need – from business processes, to knowledge based articles, to reports. They can stay informed on important topics and business updates and become more efficient– everything is in one convenient, personalised location that includes what colleagues need to get his/her job done. In a world where the HR Technology market is fierce, and products are more innovative than ever. It is the organisations who get the experience right that will win.

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