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I have been a provider of professional Interims for over twenty years. During this time the “shape” of the industry has changed considerably – many more people have been attracted to this kind of work over the years (a trend sure to continue), and the number of providers has also burgeoned, so any potential client needs to be much more discerning in picking a partner.

What hasn’t changed in the slightest, however, are the basics of:

  • Understanding the client’s need
  • Finding the very best Interim Manager (who will “fit”with the client, either now or in the direction of travel)
  • Ensuring that the assignment is delivered, to the client’s complete satisfaction

Not rocket science, really, but over-complicated by many. You really do need experience to do this well, though…


At Bailey Montagu Interim Solutions we pride ourselves on:

  • Knowing our people – the very best Interim talent

It’s important to meet a very wide range of candidates and interview them in depth, to be able to quickly match the right candidate to the right opportunity. Often we place people who have worked through us on several occasions before, who we have got to know extremely well. It’s not enough just to rely on these folk, however, and certainly not good enough just to depend on LinkedIn, or adverts, to come up with a shortlist. We search continuously for the best talent.

  • Understanding business, having board experience and asking the right questions

The importance of a good briefing cannot be underestimated – how else can we possibly understand what the best solution might be? Asking insightful questions, based upon experience of actually having worked in commerce and industry, is therefore essential. We also listen, hard. It’s often important to challenge assumptions and sometimes suggest “left field” candidates, who might not be an obvious fit, but who might just have the personality and background to make a significant impact.

  • Quickly providing Interims who fix issues, deliver change and fill significant gaps

Because we take the time to know our candidates well, we can move at pace to provide very relevant candidates. Interims are principally “Fixers”who assess problems, suggest solutions, gain Board approval and then roll up their sleeves to deliver change, through the people in the business. The “chemistry” of fit is important – it’s not just about skillsets.

  • Making sure assignments are successfully delivered, staying involved throughout

Our job is not complete once we provide the successful candidate. We keep in touch with both the client and Interim on a regular basis, including visiting onsite to ensure that good progress is being made and effective feedback is being provided. We also make sure that the appropriate knowledge transfer happens at the end of an assignment.


We also provide a Coaching and Mentoring service to help new (and experienced) Interims to win work, become established and grow to be the very best in class. This service is also available to clients to onboard new recruits (why hire good people only to lose them?) and improve both personal and team performance. No other Interim provider does this.

Our aim at Bailey Montagu is to give the very best Interim Management service, for clients and candidates alike. Working alongside our highly professional Executive Search and Advisory Partners also means that we can give a fully “joined up” service to our clients, whether considering interim or permanent hires.

Do get in contact if you would like to find out more.

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