Guide to Interim Management 2020

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Daniel Cave

Daniel Cave

Head of Content
Welcome to Executive Grapevine’s Guide to Interim Management 2020.

Most industries have a pretty good gauge of how much value they add to the UK economy. The annual United Kingdom National Accounts (The Blue Book) records economic activity of various sectors and industries, allowing each to see the value it is adding and whether it is in growth or decline. Unfortunately for interims there is no such coverage.

Yet, the manner in which interims are deployed speaks volumes for the utility they are perceived to have. According to the Institute of Interim Management’s latest survey, over a third of roles assigned to interims are at Board or Director level. Not only that, day rates are going up. Whilst the latter is the result of a variety of reasons – changes to tax legislation and a tightening market are just two – this trend indicates that firms are willing to pay to get top interim talent, seemingly indicating they understand the benefit interims add.

However, is the sector about to meet two rather large obstacles head on? In this year’s Executive Grapevine Interim Management guide we speak to the experts to assess what the impact changes in tax rules and the union’s exit from Europe may have on this value-adding sector – complete with insight from leading ISPs and interims themselves.