Workplace 2021 | Practical tips for managers to keep remote employees engaged

Practical tips for managers to keep remote employees engaged

2020 – a year most businesses would rather forget. But what if, instead, it’s a wake-up call for the critical steps every leader can take to inspire their teams to perform at their best?

The single biggest contributor to employee engagement is the day-to-day interactions individuals have with their direct managers. Remote working hasn’t changed that. It’s intensified the pressure to get it right.

What can managers do to create more impact and better results when communicating virtually with their teams? Understand the five key questions every employee has for their manager. Wilson Learning reveals those questions – and shares practical tips on how to respond – in our free-to-download pdf below.

The questions, and our expert advice, cover the five critical practices that define an effective leader, with useful insight into how leaders must now think and behave differently to succeed in this virtual world.

These practices are the foundation of Wilson Learning’s pioneering leadership framework, which equips leaders with the skills to inspire the very best from their people – whether in the office or working remote.

Because while so much has changed this year, what employees need hasn’t.

They still need to feel optimistic about their future, with a sense of realistic hope and reassurance. They still need clear goals. And they still need a manager who is compassionate and honest about performance.

Wilson Learning’s practical tips give leaders the understanding to manage their team’s virtual day-to-day interactions in a way that gives them what they need. Our insight shows how managers can prepare for success in 2021 by being more intentional around how they help their teams understand what is expected of them – and recognise their value in achieving those results.

As this year ends, managers must be thoughtful about how they consciously establish alternatives to the opportunities that previously shaped so much spontaneous collaboration and creativity. In times of change, focused communication really matters: don’t leave your team in the dark.

Want to know the five critical questions managers must answer – and practical tips for how to respond? Download our full article here, for free.

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