Survey Results | Discover how the best performing organisations develop leaders

Discover how the best performing organisations develop leaders

Ten months in – and counting. With the world of work turned on its head… what type of leadership development training is proving most effective for 84% of high-performing organisations right now?

An incisive new survey by Training magazine and Wilson Learning reveals which approach is most successful – and the positive impact this can create. For the fourth year running the pair have joined forces to run their authoritative Annual Leadership Development Survey.

Pooling their expertise, they asked more than 530 leadership development professionals for their take on what creates the most effective leaders. At a time of unprecedented uncertainty, they also invited them to share how they are preparing the next generation of leaders for the transition of power to come.

Almost 60 per cent of respondents were in management positions, while 45 per cent were operating outside the US.

The research identified high, moderate and low-performing organisations and examined the key differences in their approach to leadership development. Wilson Learning’s globally recognised expert, Michael Leimbach PhD analysed the key results.

These show a pressing need for organisations to strengthen their leadership development efforts, particularly when developing leadership skills and character – the heart and mind of the leader. The message was reinforced by an additional set of questions which probed exactly how the most successful companies do this, to drive organisational performance and results.

Standout fact or key headline? The most significant difference between organisations was the emphasis placed on leadership character, with 84% of high-performing organisations providing development that focused on it – compared to only 31% of low-performing organisations.

Character was clearly recognised as a pivotal element of leadership success.

The Survey also showed the real value of securing executive involvement to boost the impact of leadership development. Indeed, harnessing the expertise of existing leaders at all levels to develop their successors is a distinctive feature of high-performing organisations – with each generation actively involved.

Another key finding highlighted the genuine value of incorporating mindfulness into leadership development, as this practice becomes more the norm. More than ever, 2020’s Survey shows why investing in Wilson Learning’s character-focused leadership development training strengthens organisational performance and results.

Want to know more about why developing leadership character will boost your organisation’s success? Download the full 2020 Survey Results here or click the button below, for free.

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