Resourcing | How to manage the complete hiring cycle remotely

How to manage the complete hiring cycle remotely

COVID-19 sounds like a scenario from a doomsday sci-fi, but it’s fast becoming our new normal.

Businesses have adapted fast. It mightn’t be quite business-as-usual, but the show is definitely going on – and recruiters and HR teams have had to adapt fast too.

Many businesses had candidates in-process before COVID-19 kicked off, for example, who’re now starting in an unexpectedly challenging environment. Perhaps without ever meeting their team in-person. And businesses in many industries are hiring in higher volumes than usual to meet increased demand. Case in point, Tribepad have seen a 3000% increase in job applications to our food retail clients.

In many cases, the entire hiring cycle is now happening virtually. From remote interviewing to remote onboarding and remote management of remote workers.

Are you using the right recruitment software?

The right software won’t solve all your problems (gasp!). But having the right tools to support your business through this period will make everyone’s lives easier.

We’re a recruitment software provider so it’d be weird if we didn’t think our tech was the right tech. But whatever software you use, coronavirus brings unique challenges that your technology needs to rise to meet head-on.

Like, candidate experience. Candidate experience always matters but during COVID-19 more than ever. 

Before, you might’ve used video interviewing to replace telephone calls, for example, as a first stage interview. Once candidates got further through your process, you’d then meet them face-to-face, and have the chance to deliver a great in-person experience.

Now many recruiters will only meet candidates virtually – you get one shot to impress.

And onboarding. Before, you could have a whole in-person onboarding process with extensive in-person training, a mentor scheme, manager sit-downs, team lunches, Friday night drinks, and so on.

Now, your new hires might start without meeting anyone from the company in-person. Potentially for months.

Discover why employee onboarding matters

And team productivity. Your recruiters and HR folk need to collaborate in new ways, often handling increased workload while juggling new challenges. Efficiency matters more than ever.

The show must go on

COVID-19’s causing a whole load of disruption, and it sadly looks set to continue for a while yet.

Business-as-usual this isn’t – but as much as we might collectively feel like taking an extended duvet-day, businesses can’t afford to hit pause. So right now’s about trying our best to evolve, to deliver the same results in new ways.

For recruiters and HR, the end game is employees who feel supported, respected and motivated. So they can continue to be productive, whatever the world throws at them.

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