Conflict management | Discover the essential tips in successfully handling disputes within the workplace

Discover the essential tips in successfully handling disputes within the workplace

We’ve all experienced tension and disputes in the workplace, and in some cases, conflict and disputes are a typical and expected occurrence.

Dealing with these cases, whether it's a grievance, disciplinary or a bullying investigation can be time-consuming and costly for any business. Having a number of key measures, and policies in place can help handle these effectively consequently minimising disruption and preventing lengthy and complicated cases.

In this article, Alastair Currie, an Employment Partner at Bevan Brittan, a UK top 100 commercial law firm discusses his essential tips for successfully handling disputes within the workplace. These include the following;

  • Developing terms of reference

  • Capturing the allegations

  • Anonymity and reluctant witnesses

  • Audit trails and record keeping

Ultimately, businesses should aim to keep disputes and conflict cases to a minimum, although even those businesses with policies and procedures in place can encounter disputes and conflict cases. However, learning how to successfully handle these cases will improve your business' relationships or service as a result. Investing time in your policies and procedures help to ensure all those involved have the correct expectations and having the processes in place helps to minimise risk.

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