Alexander Wiede

HR Director


Back to Business after the Summer break – 6 Considerations for Leaders


Alexander Wiede

HR Director


Alexander Wiede

HR Director

I hope that all of us have enjoyed a well-deserved and long-needed break after a busy first half year. While the new normal of hybrid working landscapes and a challenging economic environment require a fresh perspective, the past summer break has provided the perfect setting to take in new input and a different angle to focus on leadership priorities.

Our role as business leaders to provide a sense of purpose and belonging to our teams has never been more crucial and as the year moves on, we’re embarking on a journey to explore six key aspects to not only navigate the waters surrounding us but to thrive in them.


1. Purpose and Belonging

Think of your last holiday that you started by boarding a plane.

It may have felt quite adventurous after the pandemic and with a bustling airport in mind, your team members as passengers, eager to embark on their professional journeys. You are the tower control, flight deck and cabin crew which provides them with the essential information and support to have that feeling of purpose and belonging.

Regardless of if you are operating in a hybrid setting or back it the office full-time, the leader makes the difference to everyone feeling connected and aligned with the organization’s mission.

And just like on an airplane, clear communication, empathy and creating the right environment is key to making this journey a success!

2. The Coaching Mindset

We all have seen less-experienced travellers en route to our various destinations. As a seasoned and experienced leader, you can guide others through a terrain that may seem unfamiliar. Applying a coaching mindset, you have the unique opportunity to empower your team to unleash their full potential and enjoy the journey.

And it’s not about prescribing every single step and attraction, coaching is all about offering support when needed, asking the right questions, and providing these unique moments for genuine discovery and growth.

This is your moment to foster a culture of learning and development and instil a feeling of being valued and experiencing true motivation.

3. Embracing Diversity for Excellent Outcomes

Being a bit of a chef myself, the most rewarding vacations were those when I discovered new scents, flavours, textures, and the environment surrounding them. Being genuinely surprised by the offerings of your destination requires you to fully embrace diversity and the cultures connected to it.

And just like in a kitchen, the perfect composition creates magic - and diversity isn’t just a checkbox. Harnessing the true power of diversity requires you to actively drive an inclusive environment where every opinion is being heard and value to achieve innovation and business success.

And just like in an haute cuisine kitchen, a diverse team will bring an abundance of creativity that will truly differentiate from your competition.


4. Sustainable Succession Planning

Did you ever wonder why planes, designed to be practically failure-proof from the start, require a pilot and co-pilot?

As an experienced leader you are always planning for the unforeseen: providing a plan for contingencies. But you are also aware of the fork in the road that requires a robust plan for any deviations.

As leaders we constantly identify and nurture talent within the organization to ensure a smooth and sustainable transition when key roles need to be filled and to ensure that your business is prepared for the future.

5. Fostering the Growth Mindset

Traveling isn’t just about reaching the destination as fast as possible - it's about the journey itself. And as leaders our role is not just to achieve results but also to nurture a growth mindset within our teams.

By creating an environment where challenges are seen as opportunities for learning and improvement, we allow to celebrate both successes and failures as steppingstones toward greater achievements.

6. Early Goal Setting and Continuous Conversations

One of the most dreaded leadership challenges – come 1st January any given year – you have to wrap your mind around goal setting for the year ahead.

Tired of the stop-and-go-routine?

Think of setting goals as charting a course for a long-distance-trip. The earlier you plan, the smoother the journey will be. Engage in regular, open conversations with team members about their performance and development goals. A continuous dialogue not only ensures alignment with organizational objectives but also provides a platform for individual growth discussions, feedback, and course correction.

Just as a pilot directs an airplane from start to destination, we are reminded that leadership is all about the journey. As leaders we are constantly required to embrace change, welcome opportunity, be open to new perspectives, and empower our teams to thrive, grow and develop in a dynamic environment.

So, pack your (metaphorical) bags, fellow leaders, and let's embark on this exciting journey towards a future of growth, inclusivity, and purpose.

Safe travels!

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