Resourcing | UK Employment Rate Hits A Record High, So How Do You Recruit More Competitively?

UK Employment Rate Hits A Record High, So How Do You Recruit More Competitively?

Employment in the UK has hit a record high again this year, according to the Office for National Statistics with a 76.5% employment figure.

Although great for the economy, it means it’s a lot more competitive for businesses trying to hire the right talent.

Recruitive has put together some tips on easy ways to stay ahead of the industry.

Streamline Your Recruitment Processes

Make your recruitment process simpler for you and your candidates by streamlining it. One way you can do this is by using Applicant Tracking Software. ATS will enable you to streamline your recruitment process, giving you the ability to control it all in one place.

You’ve got lots of applicants but how many have been back in contact since? They might have other opportunities which are on the horizon so keep them engaged throughout the process. This will make candidate management seamless and provide you with an easier, quicker, cheaper and more efficient way to hire.

Employee Referrals

Your staff have connections, so utilise them. Employee referrals are an easy way to find staff members fast. There’s also a better chance that they’ll end up being suitable to join the team. Offer staff members a cash incentive for those they refer who are successful. This will more than likely still be cheaper than going through the traditional recruiting process.

Write Engaging Job Descriptions

An application process begins with the job description, so make this engaging by telling candidates why your company is a desirable place to work.

Not only do you want to express all the benefits you offer, but you also want to tell them about the job role they’re applying for and what the working environment is like. Is it a small, close working family? or is it a big, energetic, social community?

Also, consider being transparent about the salary you’re offering. Not only is this something candidates would like to know, but job posts with salary information also tend to rank higher, meaning more exposure, meaning more applicants.

Extend Job Post Exposure

You want your vacancies to be seen by as many potential candidates as possible so consider the best place to post them. It might be using a suitable jobs board, or updating your careers website so that your jobs are listed in Google Jobs. Not only does it increase exposure with the opportunity for your postings to be viewed at the very top of a Google Job Search, but it also saves money on third-party sites, increases candidate engagement and protects your company branding.

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