Future workforce | 2020: How are you preparing for a wave of change?

2020: How are you preparing for a wave of change?
2020: How are you preparing for a wave of change?

Millennials are forecast to make up over a third of the global workforce by 20201.

Smart organisations are aware of the impact this wave of change brings. As a result, they’re reviewing their workplace culture, their processes and policies and the employee journey they offer, from attraction to exit.


With swift progression and promotion high on Millennials’ agendas, and brand loyalty less important, businesses need to develop and drive their people’s skills and experience to ensure:

  1. attrition rates stay low

  2. recurring recruitment drives are kept to a minimum

  3. their employees are engaged with the brand and nurtured in parallel to business growth.


Today’s employers are investing in their people’s personal and professional development by providing a modern alternative to traditional workplace training and internal communication.

Forward-thinking organisations are advancing their L&D offering by offering workplace training via virtual classrooms, facilitated by an online trainer. Platforms such as Skype for Business, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting or Zoom and a structured learning programme bring the benefits of face-to-face training online. This meets Millennials’ expectation head on. Their need for digital methods and solutions is innate – they expect nothing less given they’ve known no different.

Live and interactive L&D via virtual classrooms, caters for:

  1. individual learning via professional pathways for upskilling and improvement

  2. essential courses to cover compliance, health and safety, induction and onboarding etc

  3. team-based training, from introducing new systems to management training and more.

As well as giving staff opportunities to learn via virtual classrooms, IT teams are providing remote server access to shared drives and offering virtual workspaces such as Slack to aid collaboration. This agile workplace framework encourages and entrusts Millennials (and their older colleagues) to be online, anywhere and at any time; less “office-based” and more “office anywhere”.

Ideal for remote-workers and businesses with multiple offices, virtual classrooms empower flexible working and deliver effective L&D. Second to this, they allow organisations to disseminate internal communication company-wide and hold team meetings to aid engagement and contribute to a positive company culture.

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