Virtual entertainment | Shedding light on inclusion, mental health and connection

Shedding light on inclusion, mental health and connection
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By Denise Simons COO

Music is said to enhance intelligence and focus, improve mental health, and boost the immune system as well as self-esteem and confidence. It can be used to relax, to lift our mood, or to improve concentration.

I’m from the “Music City” of Nashville, Tennessee, a city that hosted 16.1 million visitors in 2019 all focused on enjoying music. When the pandemic hit the visitors stopped but the need for music that fostered inclusion, mental wellbeing and connection remained.

It is these 3 things – inclusion, connection, and mental wellbeing - that the HR team leaders I’ve had the privilege to work with, as part of the Jackie and Denise duo, mention time and again.


Edward Jones CHRO Kristin Johnson says the financial services company had things well situated, all things considered. But the biggest challenge it faced was making its employees feel connected in the new reality. “The biggest challenge we’ve seen is people wanting to be connected and people feeling more isolated,” Johnson says. Building morale and making employees feel connected has been a priority of late for many employers, especially as a growing number of workers struggle with stress, feelings of isolation and a slew of other issues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. “It was a hit! stated Cisco Security Channels Leader - Leticia Gammill who hosted Jackie and Denise Duo for The Americas team holiday party, with participants from Canada, all four corners in the US, Mexico and Brazil. She said “the engaging entertainment put a huge smile on everyone’s face. Music does make people feel good.”

Mental Wellbeing

“People who are lonely say their mental health isn’t as good,” Paul Montanari, vice president of operations at Cigna Group Insurance, said during a webinar on the topic. “As employers, as HR leaders, we have the opportunity to do something about this.” Kristin Johnson says she thinks making more efforts to connect with employees has made a big impact not only for individual workers, but the company as a whole. And it’s a strategy she thinks will live on after the pandemic. “I have certainly missed live music! These two did a fabulous job. It was such a genuine and seamless experience that we were able to share with our colleagues,” said Brie TravelTrek HR leader after an hour of fun with Jackie and Denise duo.


Steve Pemberton, chief human resources officer at software firm Workhuman, says his organization similarly hosts happy hours, yoga sessions and birthday and work anniversary celebrations—all virtually.

Jackie and Denise duo has hosted employees globally and We understand the need to connect and the wellbeing music brings. “It’s been so much fun to entertain in people’s home work spaces. When the music starts their faces brighten to realize this is not going to be just another zoom meeting. We see fun return as they nod their head to rock, clap to the blues, laugh at the touring stories, stomp to "Nashville Hot Chicken Pickin", groove to funk and join in with funky glasses and hats and sway to our Bic lighter moment! People love to show us their dogs, cats, babies, and in one concert in China, a snake” “Music knows no language. People are the same everywhere, they want to be included in the party, they want to connect with others and that makes everyone feel good.”

How you can bring music to your team

Experience a musical journey from the heart of "Music City" USA in our private studio. Jackie is Master of Guitar, a touring and session musician for 35 years, he has worked with some of the music industry's renown names such as Paramore, Kesha, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kim Carnes, Rick Veto, Charles Wilson, and Brett Michaels. I’m a host of an Emmy nominated design show and lend my southern hospitality to every show! Join us for an intimate look into the working musician's world by playing and singing both original and licensed music snippets on 7 guitars with a brief history of who made them iconic. Denise shares stories of their time together on the road and abroad which creates an immersive and personal experience.

Together we will welcome YOU and hope you will share your favourite music too! Ideal for corporate groups, celebrations for anniversaries, birthdays, or date night.

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