How a mature coaching culture can boost your revenue

How a mature coaching culture can boost your revenue
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The benefits of creating a coaching culture where a coaching management style is prevalent are numerous ranging from soft measures such as increased manager loyalty and an ability to resolve conflicts to hard measures such as increased productivity and revenue.

That’s why between 70 and 90% of organisations use coaching according to different research studies. Yet this doesn’t mean a mature coaching culture is in place.

Often coaching is only used on an individual basis and sometimes even terminated before completion due to lack of support.

That’s why we have conceptualised the journey to developing a mature coaching culture with the below model.

It is designed to build organisations internal coaching capabilities over time so that they are scalable, sustainable and reflective of the wider business culture. 

 In order for this to truly be successful you will need to consider these four factors before you get started:

 1. Top down

Rolling out coaching needs to start at the top and then work it’s way down. Your execuitves are not only pivotal in setting and agreeing the business benefits for building a mature coaching culture but they will also be the role models for the new desired behaviours. That’s why starting with senior executive coaching will be the true demonstration of buy-in for building this culture.

2. Who holds the key?

Setting an example is one thing, but the line managers hold the key to the maturity of the coaching culture. It will be on their shoulders to make sure the desired coaching is implemented, sustained and results driven. So making sure they have the tools and skills they need to build a coaching programme is what will make or break the impact of your efforts.

3. Take root

All of your efforts are no good without a clear business case. Coaching is used for a number of reasons, and whatever that might be you need to articulate and communicate those objectives so all stakeholders are clear on their part to play. It is useful therefore to co-opt a business sponsor or champion to create an ecosystem that allows your coaching culture to take root.

4. Breaking taboos

Using a combination of tactics to ensure coaching becomes engrained is what will increase your coaching cultures maturity. Collaborating across all the key stakeholders to tackle any obstacles and challenges will not be easy. But with a united approach you will break down any taboos and build coaching in to the fibre of the organisation so that it has no barriers to success.

If you want to know more about how you can build a mature coaching culture that is embedded in your organisation you can download our full white paper or visit Lee Hecht Harrison Penna for more information. 

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