Candidate quality | Attract the talent you need

Attract the talent you need

With a new approach to flexible and remote working, this insight looks at how to attract and secure the strongest candidates with your careers site, recruitment process and talent pooling.

What does your career site say about you?

Flexible and remote working can open up a wider geographical audience that you might appeal to, and it becomes ever more essential that your company brand and values are prevalent throughout your careers site.

Peak Performing Careers Sites are... 6x more likely to have Interview Hints & Tips, 4x more likely to have Department / Team Landing Pages, 3x more likely to have How our Recruitment Process Works, 2x more likely to have Employee Videos Learning & Development Diversity Career Pathways ...than Poor-Performing Careers Sites Source: UK Candidate Attraction Report 2019-20

Often, the roles you hire for fall broadly into two categories, specialists and roles that appeal to a wider audience with transferable skills. Roles that look for transferable skills are likely to attract a higher volume of applications with the opposite applying to positions that require sought after specialist skill sets. As a recruiter, you will need to use a mix of strategies that engages the hard to find talent and manage volumes applications appropriately.

Make technology work for you

Technology should support recruiters and talent teams to process applications and assess as much of the process as possible to keep the focus on the core priorities and most suitable candidates.

  • Candidates who visit your careers website should be able to find out what they can expect from you as an employer and the company culture.

  • Having detailed job descriptions help to identify what’s involved and the skills required.

  • An online application or quick apply button where a CV can be uploaded and parsed can increase the speed to apply.

  • Relevant online talent assessments such as SJT or psychometric testing can automatically accept, reject and move suitable applicants into a screening phase. It provides a connected way to combine your careers site, your ATS and other integrated recruitment technology.

Don’t forget your talent pool

Your talent pool should be a central part of your recruiting strategy.

  • When a candidate uploads their CV to apply for a role or register with you, review how you are auto skilling candidates based on skills in their CV to assist with auto-matching candidates to vacancies. Even if a candidate is not suitable at that time, you may well call on them in the future for an appropriate role.

  • Revisit how you segment talent into target groups based on your current and future hiring plans. Segmentation forms the foundation of talent pooling. You might segment talent into groups based on skills or location to get to know and engage with talent better.

  • Check how quickly you can filter candidates that reached a specific stage of your process during previous applications. Being able to rapidly match talent to vacancies and engaging talent with targeted recruitment marketing campaigns will improve your chances of getting top talent into the right roles – quickly.

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