Candidate Screening | Make the right hiring decisions

Make the right hiring decisions

Recruitment practices are continually evolving, and this includes gathering all of the necessary information about your candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Being able to customise your online application processes with electronic forms that can gather information to screen and grade candidate suitability can only be a good thing. Screening and assessing at every stage of your recruitment process will ensure your best candidates progress. Any checks that aid recruiting the most talented individuals can reduce your effort and time to hire.

Online screening

Using online screening and pre-employment checks will not only assess suitability for the role but safeguard the business by carrying out due diligence. These checks ensure compliance and should provide statistics against each question and response you are collating.

If you are not yet using pre-screening practices, then maybe it’s time to consider the benefits. Pre-screening does not have to be limited to new joiners but those changing roles within an organisation or even for specific open positions.

Online questionnaires for basic qualifying criteria such as Right to Work help to meet legal obligations, but other pre-employment checks can be used to validate eligibility. The focus is on finding the most suitable person for the job while managing the risk.

Example screening questions to help make the right hiring decisions:

  • Are you looking for full-time or part-time hours?

  • As part of your job, you may be required to work late nights, weekends and bank holidays. Are there any times that you are unable to work?

  • Please provide an example of a time when you have provided excellent customer service

  • Due to the location of our site and required working hours, you must have suitable transport to get you to and from shifts. Do you have suitable transport?

  • What is your proudest achievement to date, and why?

Building in screening and online ability tests can help to quickly sift the initial candidate pool for vacancies most relevant candidates. The goal is to make more informed recruiting decisions.

Example applicant feedback questions

Leveraging technology can help in scaling your process, especially with volume recruitment and can provide a positive experience by capturing applicant feedback throughout the process e.g.

1. Why did you apply to this role? (could be a tick box for all that apply)
2. How did you find the application process? (consider a scale rating)
3. Was it clear to you what the role entailed? (Yes/No)
4. How did you find the quality of the feedback you received at each stage of the process?
(poor / satisfactory / good / excellent)
5. If you could recommend a change to the process what would it be? (text box)

It's also vital to seek feedback from hiring managers to understand their journey of the recruitment process and support needed from resourcing teams.

How to get started

Work with peers to define your criteria for progressing suitable candidates and utilise technology to create a library of online application screening forms. Build feedback into each appropriate stage of your process to help you learn and adapt.

To get you started, download the Eploy Discover datasheet that details the e-forms solution designed for recruiters to assess and get feedback at every stage of your recruitment. With Eploy Discover you can create and distribute forms that capture everything you need to know about your candidates, hiring managers and clients.

Download datasheet

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