Retention | Are you losing new starters too soon?

Are you losing new starters too soon?
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After providing a stellar recruitment service to attract and select the ideal candidate and have them accept your offer if your new recruit fails to attend on their first day, it’s frustrating and costly.

How to reduce the chances of this could be as simple as ensuring you have a robust onboarding process in place - working to keep new hires warm before they join you.

Review your onboarding process through the experience of the candidate. Look at each stage from reference collection to offer acceptance and document signing. Getting references promptly is a significant time consumer for many recruitment teams so review your SLA’s too. Simplifying this part of the process alone can speed up the time to hire and could help to prevent new starters from getting snapped up by the competition.

Checklist to effective onboarding

1. Can you automatically email referees once a candidate enters reference details? How do you follow-up if referees fail to respond? Do you alert candidates of this?

2. Are you making it as easy as possible for referees to respond consistently? Put in place secure links to a simple online form.

3. Are you providing step by step new hire information? Make it easy for candidates to get access to and download contract packs from any device, and ‘save’ information to complete later if they don’t have all the information to hand.

4. Enable offer acceptance and contract signing online – no more waiting for the return of dozens of forms through the post.

Taking care of the ‘paperwork’ in advance means candidates can start on time, in the knowledge that all the necessary documents are already in place.

5. Don’t stop once the ‘paperwork’ is completed. Engage with candidates before starting and keep new hires informed – video messages work well and humanise the organisation, brand and values. Get feedback on your process while it is fresh in the mind of candidates. Surveys are an effective way to gauge expectation and continually improve.

What do candidates expect?

According to the Talent Board EMEA Candidate Experience Research Report, candidates want responsiveness during the hiring process, specifically if and when they will receive an offer based on their interview. Forty-nine percent of EMEA candidate respondents said that less than one week elapsed between the last interview and their receipt of an offer letter.

Of those who went on to accept offers, only 5% were surveyed in the first days of their start date to give feedback on the process and candidate journey – a missed learning opportunity many can relate to.

Take Action

Onboarding technology provides a much-needed solution to losing new starters too soon. For Ecotricity, it eliminated paper chasing for both candidates and hiring managers and the ability to gather all payroll and monitoring data at the same time.

Download the Ecotricity case study | Download Datasheet

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