Mark Debono

Vice President


Talent Experience Platform:

The New Blueprint for Workforce Transformation


Mark Debono

Vice President


Mark Debono

Vice President

Cornerstone OnDemand has recently released its new Talent Experience Platform (TXP) designed to help leaders unlock the potential of their people. This new TXP is a unification of talent solutions, human-centred experience and open architecture. Cornerstone’s TXP has been designed to be used by talent leaders to create opportunities for their people that align with the company’s own vision of growth and success.


Cornerstone’s TXP delivers four key elements:

  • Holistic people growth experience

    This experience seamlessly connects development to new growth opportunities while ensuring business outcomes and talent strategy are aligned.

  • Intelligent tech fabric

    With an engine powered by AI, Cornerstone’s TXP is able to collect and analyse data, allowing leaders to gather insights into their people, skills and processes. This information can also help to elevate content curation, visualise skills and manage talent pools.

  • Best-in-class learning and talent management

    This new TXP is an extension of Cornerstone’s foundational management systems, delivering the advanced capabilities that learning and talent leaders need to efficiently enable compliance, align business processes and maximise agility

  • Future-proof architecture

    The platform is founded upon an architecture that is open, flexible and friendly. This enables leaders to have seamless connectivity to HR and business applications across the ecosystem. From productivity tools to back-office ERP systems, leaders are able to tap into best-of-breed capabilities.


Cornerstone is also looking to build on its TXP with new offerings available from early 2023 to include the Opportunity Marketplace which will extend the learning, development and performance experience by connecting employees with internal mobility opportunities. This marketplace has been designed to increase visibility into internal job opportunities, as well as the skills needed to progress to them. Employees will be able to build flexible career paths alongside support from mentors and experts to continue their professional growth. As ever, these programmes will be supplemented by personalised career recommendations based on the individuals’ skill set.

The Content Studio will further elevate all things content, from discovery to matching to analytics and management, while the Skills Innovations offering will enable the creation of the industry’s first open skills ontology, where leaders will be able to create company-wide skills ontologies as well as improve their skills analytics.

Cornerstone’s TXP represents a further step towards creating an adaptable solution for the modern way of work. As economic, geopolitical and social events thrust us further towards the transformation of the workplace, Cornerstone’s TXP provides a solution for leaders to close critical skill gaps, retain top talent, improve organisational agility and elevate people and talent decision-making.