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Rolls-Royce. It’s one of the world’s leading industrial technology companies, pioneering cutting-edge technologies that deliver the cleanest and safest solutions to meet our planet’s vital power needs.

As shown by Rolls-Royce’s recent RMA award win for its new onboarding platform, their ground-breaking approach extends to employee engagement too. And, as befits a company whose creativity is driven by science and data, Management Information (MI) played a vital role in the development of this innovative onboarding solution.

Back in 2016, Rolls-Royce undertook a robust analysis of their current onboarding programme. They began by surveying new hires over a 12-month period with a set of questions that continues to be used today, to ensure accurate comparative data.

They also held focus group sessions to engage with internal stakeholders, gain a global perspective of the key challenges they faced and develop a better understanding of best practice in the market.

Issues from global inconsistency to lack of technological support and overly complex manual processes led to confusion in new starters and line managers alike. It was an onboarding process that was potentially brand damaging. Armed with this MI, Rolls-Royce was able to build a compelling business case that detailed not only the current situation, but what the ultimate goal of their onboarding strategy was, including benchmarking criteria and rigorous data.

Two years later, Join.Rolls-Royce.com launched, powered by the Eli onboarding platform. Operating across eight countries, 4 languages and 12 sector areas, it delivers consistency in terms of brand and process functionality, whilst also being completely personalised to each user. From brand-building content that’s individually tailored, to time-saving automated processes, it’s setting up every new starter across the globe for success.

And a thousand new joiners later, the MI that started their journey is delivering real business results. Net Promoter Scores have jumped, with the number of people who would recommend the business to a friend rising from +39 to +75 and the new joining experience itself hitting a rather respectable +55. 91% of line managers now feel they have the tools and support to provide the best onboarding experience and are reporting better prepared, more culturally aligned talent.

Of course, the process of gathering MI is a continuous one. A key survey goes out 90 days after joining to new starters and their managers. It’s revealed that the new joiners now rate the Rolls-Royce welcome at 4.75 out of 5. Join.Rolls-Royce.com is producing its own MI too, on everything from time on site and number of log-ins, to line manager engagement and buddy assignment.

Join.Rolls-Royce.com has an incredible average time on site of 8m09s.

All of this data is supporting a genuinely proactive approach. Monthly and quarterly reviews use this key MI to plan improvements to the platform, and monitor the effect of changes in the business and industry landscape on onboarding.

MI is where every onboarding journey should begin. It’s vital to building an onboarding strategy that can improve employee engagement, boost productivity and reduce first year turnover.

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