Recruitment | Are Your Candidate Sourcing Channels Truly Effective?

Are Your Candidate Sourcing Channels Truly Effective?

In the dynamic world of recruitment and talent acquisition, we often find ourselves questioning the efficacy of various sourcing channels. Are they truly yielding the results we need, or are they just consuming valuable time with limited outcomes? This is not just a question; it's a pivotal aspect of modern recruitment strategies.

The Crucial Role of In-House Recruitment Teams

In-house recruitment teams are increasingly becoming the backbone of organisations. They navigate through external pressures, candidate scarcity, and budget constraints, striving to be resourceful and astute in candidate attraction. But is this easier said than done?

Despite evidence that certain channels are underperforming, there's a tendency to stick to familiar paths. This often hampers our efforts to attract and recruit the desired quality and quantity of candidates. As Henry Ford famously said, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

Measure, manage, improve

It's surprising how seldom we measure the effectiveness of our sourcing channels. The Annual UK Candidate Attraction Report aims to discover how agency and in-house recruiters attract talent and which promotional activities, channels and sources are helping to fill their roles. The survey breaks down the strengths, weaknesses, and usage of core recruitment sourcing channels. This report has consistently shared that channel measurement is hit and miss. While some candidate sourcing channels are regularly measured, others aren’t or, at best, are occasionally measured. Measurement also varies depending on the size of organisation and industry type. What we do know is that measurement holds the key to getting improved results.

To improve the effectiveness of attracting and recruiting candidates, it is recommended to review all sourcing channels you use, understand why you use them and measure the results. For example, does the quality of applications meet your requirements? Do you receive a high quantity of applications, but few reach the latter stages of your pipeline? Does a channel work well for a particular role or location? Only when you know the answer to these questions will you truly understand the approach required to attract and recruit the right balance of candidates.

Learning from Our Mistakes and Others' Successes

In partnership with HR Grapevine, Eploy is launching the latest Annual UK Candidate Attraction Survey. This will shed light on the evolution of candidate sourcing challenges and identify the most effective channels over the past year.

Be Part of the Change

By taking part in the latest Candidate Attraction Survey, you will receive a complimentary copy of the extensive 80+ page report once analysed straight to your inbox. Your own copy to learn from, benchmark your success with peers and shape your candidate attraction strategy for the year ahead.

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If you want to look at last year’s report findings, join the thousands of others who have and download the free report here: 

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