Podcast | Join us at the Leadership Roundtable! A Podcast for Those with a Passion for all things Leadership Development

Join us at the Leadership Roundtable! A Podcast for Those with a Passion for all things Leadership Development
Promoted by Join us at the Leadership Roundtable! A Podcast for Those with a Passion for all things Leadership Development

In this ever-changing world, we know that the demands placed on leaders are continually evolving. We also know that in today’s digital age, the majority of us are ‘knowledge workers’.

That is to say we may not all be leaders in the formal sense, but we are all expected to lead every day. Projects, meetings, problem-solving, coaching colleagues, giving feedback, breaking down silos … the list of ‘leadership moments’ goes on.

AchieveForum set up the Leadership Roundtable Podcast to explore the leadership challenges and opportunities that these moments, and L&D more broadly, present us with. Here’s a round-up of recent content that we thought you might enjoy!

Improv Skills to Use in the Office

This week, join Courtney Beck and Simon Fowler as they discuss improv and how it relates to learning. Courtney teaches us about skills learned in improv, her experience as an improv performer, and how it relates to a work environment. Simon even gives improv a try, live on the podcast!

Can I Just Give You Some Feedback?

Feedback is a staple part of personal and team development. Yet, there is some mixed evidence on the value of feedback. Oliver Baxter and Sarah Malone, join Emily Thornton to discuss why feedback sometimes doesn't work, and what the opportunities there are to give feedback and positively impact performance.

Can AI Overcome Human Bias?

Guest Sam Marquez and Simon Fowler venture into the world of AI and data in a continuation of their discussion from the last podcast episode. They discuss case studies where AI exhibits human biases and how it can overcome it. They end with advice for leaders in thinking of AI and the ethical implications of AI.

It's OK to Feel *Insert Emotion Here*

Has the world of work changed so much that there is now a place for emotion in the workplace? Emily Thornton and Heidi Marshall discuss the thorny issue of showing emotion at work; and how it links to wellbeing, resilience and ultimately high performance.

Metrics Crisis in L&D

This week, listen to guest speaker, Sam Marquez, as he deep dives into how we measure leadership and development. This is one of two in a series where Sam and Simon go into the world of measuring program success, AI, and biased data.

Next Generation Learning

Join expert Kim Arellano as she discusses her PhD research and experience with Next Generational Learning in the workplace.

Next Generational Leadership

Hear from Brooks Welsh and Dave Brazel on their perspectives and experiences of multi-generational workplaces and leading a multi-generational workforce.

Influencing Behaviour by Giving Up Control

In this episode Scott Bohannon and Ellen Foley tackle the critical leadership challenge of influencing behaviour. What should leaders really be doing to get their people to do what they want them to? How can leaders balance 'letting go' with retaining accountability?

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