Recruitment Strategy | Bringing award-winning luxury to American homes - a Wren Kitchens USA Case Study

Bringing award-winning luxury to American homes - a Wren Kitchens USA Case Study

In this insight, we delve into the journey of Wren Kitchens, the UK’s premier kitchen retailer, as it expands its footprint into the American market.

Gemma Manning, the VP of Recruitment at Wren Kitchens USA, shares her perspectives on the company's global aspirations, the intricacies of executing its expansion strategy, and the nuances of the recruitment process on a global scale.

Gemma Manning, who transitioned from her role in the UK business, now spearheads the recruitment strategy from Wren's base in Connecticut. Reflecting on Wren's remarkable trajectory since its inception in 2009, she highlights the exponential growth from just 2 showrooms to a staggering 125 worldwide. At the heart of Wren's success lies its unique approach, where the company meticulously oversees the entire customer journey, from inception to completion, setting a benchmark in the industry. With a workforce of over 8,000 employees spread across the globe, Wren embodies a commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

What are your main recruitment strategy priorities for the short to medium term?

"I made the decision to relocate to the USA with a clear mission: to establish a robust recruitment team dedicated to sourcing top-tier talent for our rapidly expanding business along the East Coast. Wren's inaugural international venture in Milford, Connecticut marked the beginning of a series of showroom openings across the Northeast.

"Our journey in recruiting for these new showrooms and expanding the People Team has been marked by significant milestones. Initially, I oversaw this process remotely, with periodic visits to the US to initiate our plans. However, recognizing the importance of hands-on involvement, I have since made the permanent move to Connecticut, fully immersing myself in driving Wren USA's recruitment endeavors forward whilst building a Recruitment team from our brand new office in CT."

What candidate sourcing activities are delivering the right quality and quantity of candidates aligned to the expansion plans?

"Our journey has been marked by some truly successful virtual hiring events, underscoring the momentum of our expansion efforts. The recent inauguration of our 14th showroom in the USA stands as a testament to Wren's unwavering commitment to continual growth and innovation.

"While in-person events have played a pivotal role, particularly in the early stages, our transition to virtual platforms, such as Teams, has proven to be equally effective in facilitating seamless interviews with exceptional candidates."

What can we expect from Wren over the coming months to embed the strategy and replicate the recruitment success in the UK?

"At Wren, we recognize the paramount importance of the candidate experience and the cultivation of a strong Employer Brand. To ensure consistency and efficiency in our recruitment processes, we have seamlessly replicated the acclaimed UK recruitment model by leveraging automation through Eploy’s Applicant Tracking System & Talent Acquisition Platform. This strategic move allows us to channel our efforts towards attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

"Central to this initiative was the implementation of a unified system across the organization, streamlining processes for shortlisting, conducting interviews, and managing candidate communications regarding application progress.

"From the perspective of the candidates, we strive to deliver a seamless and intuitive self-service experience, offering a dedicated candidate area for browsing and applying for roles, as well as managing their profiles with ease.

"As Wren Kitchens USA enters an exciting phase of growth, now presents an opportune moment to join our dynamic team and embark on a fulfilling career journey with us."

About Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens, the UK’s fastest-growing bricks-and-mortar retailer, has expanded its footprint overseas to introduce its award-winning, affordable luxury kitchens to the American market. In November 2020, Wren made its grand debut with the opening of its inaugural USA showroom in Milford, CT. This flagship location stands as the largest kitchen showroom in the USA, boasting an impressive display of over 100 kitchens.

Driven by a commitment to continuous growth and innovation, Wren Kitchens envisions an expansive presence across the Northeast and beyond. With plans for further showroom openings and accelerated expansion throughout the USA, Wren aims to ensure accessibility for all customers, enabling them to envision, create, and enjoy their dream kitchens, no matter their location.

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