McDonald’s 'Famous Orders' | What can EX teams learn from customer experience?

What can EX teams learn from customer experience?
What can EX teams learn from customer experience?

HR has been no stranger to borrowing concepts from other business departments or realms of society over the years.

Operating models such as agile HR are borrowed from the world of IT and product design; people analytics principles from data science teams; and even Elmo has offered an unexpectedly useful perspective on mental health at work.

This is undoubtedly a healthy business practice. Looking to other departments can bring fresh inspiration and innovation to the problems plaguing HR leaders, and customer experience (CX) is no exception.

The world of CX benefits from a level of maturity that offers several lessons to employee experience (EX) professionals. “We shouldn’t feel a need to reinvent the wheel, particularly on how we measure success,” says Bryan Vermes, Director of Employee Experience and Communication at Mimecast. “We see that companies will go to great lengths to listen to their customers and understand their challenges. There’s no reason that we can’t do the same for our employees – Whether through surveys, engaging with our alumni, or focus groups. We have tools available to us that have been proven to work and can be used internally.”

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