Red, yellow, blue & green: Colour brings life to personality profiling

Red, yellow, blue & green: Colour brings life to personality profiling
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Vicki Mann

Vicki Mann

Operations Director

Picture the scene. A project planning meeting is set up with the focus being to introduce the team, understand the project, understand what needs to be done, and agree on how to work together effectively.

But what happens? John bounds in full of energy but is only interested in hard facts and figures, not necessary the opinions of others. Rachel’s full of creative ideas but gets easily distracted by what’s happening on the other side of the glass office. Simon appears unengaged but makes detailed notes to consider and work effectively with later. Urgency isn’t critical for Louise who despite supporting the ideas of others, thinks there’s all the time in the world to complete the project.

How do you ensure everybody in the room quickly understands these significantly different personalities and work preferences? How do you get everybody to appreciate and understand each other’s value to the team and communication styles and needs? How do you draw out your introverts and get your extroverts to listen? With Skillsarena’s personality profiling tool, Character DNA.

At Skillsarena we have created a unique DNA tool which enables you to learn how colour can be used to describe personality, understand who you are and how you are perceived in a team and learn how to communicate effectively depending on individual preferences and improve team meetings.

We have been building an enviable portfolio of clients, like Edge Hill University, Secom PLC, British Board of Film Classification and Hayman’s Gin.

Vicki says:

“Traditional psychometric testing is not practical or cost effective for widespread use and restricts who can benefit from the reports.

We saw a huge potential to use character profiling more effectively and also wanted to create a tool for enhancing team dynamics that was accessible by managers across an organisation.

We set out to use psychometric data to produce a comprehensive but straightforward personality report which anybody could pick up, read, understand immediately and implement.”

Character DNA measures all the critical aspects of a person’s personality and communication style – and presents that information in a highly readable 5-page report. Everyone is presented with a colour: red, yellow, green or blue. Each colour has its own dynamics and characteristics.

Recruiters say the reports help them focus on the character attributes which are hard to determine from the interview. Edge Hill University, who use Character DNA in their recruitment, said:

“Character DNA has been highly effective at ensuring we appoint individuals into the organisation that can contribute to our positive and engaging culture”

The CDNA tool can be used across the business. From improving motivation, to understanding team fit, to creating project teams, to understanding preferred communication styles and improving the working environment, helping co-workers better understand each other and teaching them to value the different strengths within the team.

Vicki says:

“What would normally take you 3 months to learn about someone you have in 5 pages of plain English. Team leaders use the reports to enhance team dynamics and motivation – and candidates love learning more about themselves, too!”

The reports proved so popular with clients that we now also deliver team profiling workshops, sometimes with 30+ delegates, which have been a hit with companies across the UK. Feedback so far has been fantastic.

Vicki says:

“Character DNA Workshops give leaders and their teams a valuable insight into aspects of their personality and how it can drive behaviour in the workplace. The workshop also encourages individuals to examine how that behaviour impacts and effects those around them – and we deliver this in a fun, interactive way.”

The British Board of Film Classification has just started to use the character DNA tool – and they are already a fan:

“It’s fascinating to see the results of the research, and the organisation team wheel and where each of us sits on it. It’s a great tool, very user friendly and Skillsarena provide fantastic customer service!”

Vicki says customer service is something the company prides itself on:

“We strive to deliver a good service and put clients first. The professionalism and availability of the support team keeps clients coming back to us. No answerphone, no ticketing systems and no SLAs.”

Meet some of the Skillsarena team, discover their colour and learn one fact about them from their Character DNA Reports.


Jason Pierce - CEO

Respectful of others, Jason’s supportive and loyal approach brings the whole team together.

Vicki Mann - Operations Director

Determined and action orientated, Vicki is focused on achieving the end result!

Chris Bedford-Gay - Chief Technology Officer

Logical and analytical, Chris investigates the detail before making a plan to progress.


Denise Allen - Head of Marketing

Everyday tasks can often be transformed into something much more enjoyable by the way that Denise adds energy and enthusiasm.

Carol Reddin - Business Development Manager

Carol is hard working, organised and acts responsibly. She will leave no stone unturned when it comes to detail.

Skillsarena are offering HR Grapevine readers one free Character DNA report per organisation. To enquire about this offer and for further information on the product call 0845 434 2264 or email [email protected], quoting HR Grapevine.

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