Outplacement - just part of the change journey

Outplacement - just part of the change journey
Outplacement - just part of the change journey

Lynne Hardman

Lynne Hardman


If you’re reading this supplement you probably already know about Outplacement. Maybe you’ve been involved in a restructuring process or worked closely with an Outplacement provider in the delivery of a redundancy programme. If you’ve been involved in any type of complex or large-scale change project, you were probably spinning a lot of other plates whilst your Outplacement provider was supporting your departing employees.

In our experience, providing Outplacement support during times of change - whilst always welcome and worthwhile - is just one element of ensuring successful outcomes. It’s important to think carefully about what happens before, during and after people leave. With careful planning you can ensure that managers are equipped to facilitate the change well, productivity is retained during an uncertain period and those who remain can re-engage with the organisation and continue to develop their future career. Outplacement is the final stage of a structured and well-timed change support process which can make a significant difference to achieving results:

Upskilling managers

The very best grounding for a successful change project is to ensure Managers have the key skills and capabilities to lead and manage themselves and others successfully through change. This sets the tone and positively influences morale, staff engagement and team performance. Ensuring a consistent and effective message aligned to organisational goals results in clear and unambiguous understanding by the recipients and can help to allay misplaced fears.

Tailored support to prepare employees

Faced with job uncertainty, taking ownership for your own career is hugely empowering. Practical support for understanding change, enhancing self-awareness, self-esteem, motivation and confidence equips employees for a successful outcome and reduces pressure. 

Redeployment and Decision support

Even when contemplating job cuts, there may be other vacancies. The importance of providing support to impacted employees to help maximise internal opportunities should not be under-estimated. Worried internal candidates often don’t present themselves as well as external candidates, but with help, they can often demonstrate great transferability. This saves hiring costs, and retains knowledgeable and committed people.

Outplacement Support

When it’s time to leave, Outplacement plays a hugely valuable role in supporting employees to move onto a bright and progressive future. Many leavers stay in touch with ex-colleagues, so investment in high-quality support will be shared throughout the organisation long after people have left.

A more holistic approach results in a smoother change process, fewer challenges for busy HR teams and line managers and protection of the psychological contract across the organisation.

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