Using 'Accredited Coaching' To Support A Journey Of Change - A Case Study With MPS

Using 'Accredited Coaching' To Support A Journey Of Change - A Case Study With MPS
Promoted by Using 'Accredited Coaching' To Support A Journey Of Change - A Case Study With MPS

The Background

MPS is a medical defence organisation, owned by its members. They support doctors and dentists in any regulatory and medical negligence claims that they might have against them. MPS has been established for about 125 years - but in the last four years it has seen more change than in its preceding 121 years. Notion’s work with MPS began amidst this unprecedented level of change.  Our challenge was to help MPS to introduce coaches into the organisation in a way that would help people thrive during large scale change programmes.


  • 600% Return on investment

  • Integrating coaching into everyday operational settings

  • Changing behaviours on a wide scale

  • Introducing Accredited Internal Coaches to support the change programme

  • Aligning coaching with strategic goals

  • Enlisting nodal managers 

In The Words of MPS

Matt Hayward, Talent Development Business Partner, describes the journey MPS has been on:

Our journey with coaching started about 12 months ago. Change can bring about a lot of anxiety and you need a certain skill set to deal with that; we didn’t necessarily have that skill set. We were still going through quite a few large scale change programmes and because of this we decided that we needed to put some coaches into the organisation.

We wanted to have coaches within the organisation to provide people with the support they needed to drive through the changes and to really help them get where they needed to go.

“Notion’s course has been exceptional in its development of our coaches. Notion’s approach to developing coaches has been the best I have come across. The quality of their support and materials is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anybody who has an interest in developing themselves or others in their organisation.”

We now have coaches who are solicitors, salespeople, medical recruiters…all types of people, at different levels throughout the organisation.  That was a real success but one of the secondary benefits that came from Notion’s ‘Operational Coaching’ model were the skills that these coaches took back into their normal roles.”

The Results

Just from the coaching skills that these people apply in their everyday role we have seen a massive return on investment- around 600%. That includes saving on litigation costs, new hire costs, and the speed and competence of new members being promoted.  This got us thinking - how can we utilise coaching more to really drive our change programme in the organisation?

At this stage, we have defined 50% of that coaching resource specifically to enable people to drive change. One of the biggest blockers of change is people: whether that is the people going through the change or the people driving the change.  By securing that 50% of resource we now have the ability to accelerate our change programmes by spotting problems early and by giving a coach to managers that need additional help to unlock emotions, values or beliefs that might be blocking their ability to drive change.

That’s still in its infancy but we are already starting to see real benefits - especially for our managers who haven’t got any experience of managing or leading change - this is helping them to understand what they need to do.

What Delegates Have Said

Click here to watch Matt tell the full story

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