What You Can Learn From A Top 50 Coach That Will Change Your Organisation Forever

What You Can Learn From A Top 50 Coach That Will Change Your Organisation Forever
Promoted by What You Can Learn From A Top 50 Coach That Will Change Your Organisation Forever

Congratulations to Laura Ashley-Timms, Coaching Director at Notion on her 2018 Top 50 Coach award. This prestigious honour was presented by Corporate Vision magazine for her services to the coaching industry.

Based entirely on merit, the award ‘identifies and celebrates some of the world’s most inspiring, influential and innovative coaches, and commends them for their efforts throughout the past 12 months’. Corporate Vision say, “[this] recognition is truly deserved...we have worked hard throughout the year to identify those who have gone above and beyond to provide expert training and support to clients.”

Laura’s work at Notion includes facilitating the delivery of first-class Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Team Coaching, Accredited Coaching Skills Training, CPD and Supervision programmes, and Leader and Manager Development Programmes, to organisations in many sectors across the globe.

Founded in 2000, Notion’s early mission was to ‘change momentum’ in organisations by helping Leaders and Managers to develop behaviours that can transform the commercial success of their organisations. Now a global expert in behaviour change, supported by an exceptional head office team in Warwickshire, Notion’s team includes some of the world’s leading Executive Coaches and Trainers.

As well as being a driving force behind Notion’s success as a global coaching expert, Laura has been instrumental in delivering true innovation into the marketplace in the form of STAR® Manager.

STAR® Manager is a revolutionary,100% virtual, blended behavioural change programme that can be accessed by users at any time, in any place, via any device. It has been described as “the first of its kind”, an “award winner”, and a “game changer” by Andrew Joly, Leo Learning’s Director of Strategic Design, and it has already started to disrupt how behaviour change is achieved in organisations.

Laura is delighted with the accolade, saying, “I am very honoured to receive this award and I accept it on behalf of everyone at Notion and to those who have worked tirelessly to bring STAR® Manager to life so that we can continue to help our clients to achieve outstanding levels of engagement, performance and productivity, even in these enormously changeable and challenging times.”

STAR® Manager integrates Notion’s unique STAR® model (proven to help leaders and managers to adopt more of an ‘Operational Coaching’ style of leadership) on a virtual platform with the ability to transform the way in which people behave.

“Our unique STAR® model, designed in conjunction with some of the UK’s most commercially experienced Executive Coaches, is the first coaching model capable of transforming behaviours on a large scale, by changing what occurs ‘in the moment’, in everyday operational settings,” says Laura.

Notion’s results speak for themselves with their client’s, most of whom are household names and feature in the FTSE 500, boasting about strong, commercial results of up to 100x ROI as a direct result of Notion’s programmes.

Laura continues, “All of our programmes focus heavily on delivering tangible results. We work hard to understand exactly what our clients want to achieve - not just what is on the surface - but the deeper, strategic, organisational goals.

"This essential step helps our clients to identify the key performance indicators that determine successful progress. Then, once we’ve identified the ‘what’ we work studiously on the ‘how’ ensuring that the organisation has transparent evidence of the programme’s success.

"We are now delighted to bring to market an innovation that can achieve the same results without losing any of the interactivity or ROI. STAR® Manager, which offers the best of e-learning and live learning in one virtual programme, is a scalable and cost effective alternative to our live programmes - giving us the opportunity to truly transform organisations.”

No wonder Laura is so thrilled with her recent award after spending almost two years and £1.5m on making STAR® Manager a reality because the early results are phenomenal and illustrate just how effective STAR® Manager can be in developing cultures that drive and sustain engagement, commercial performance and productivity in the long term.

To learn more from Laura about how Notion can help your organisation to achieve the change it wants to find out more about Laura's award click here or call us for an informal chat on +44 (0) 1926 889 885. Or click here for more information about Notion’s STAR® Manager programme.

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